Its OFFICIAL – PHAT Announces The 1st Annual PHAT Awards, Summer 2020


It has been demanded & demanded & demanded by you, the Citizens of #PHATNation, as well as peers from around the Voluptuous Adult Industry…and after years, we are finally proud to announce that PHAT Magazine will be presenting the FIRST EVER – PHAT Awards, and it will be coming in the Summer of 2020.

Word of the announcement of this event was made today, when PHAT Magazine Editor-In-Chief & President, LeDiva Justice released an official statement which stated the news & why it was necessary:

” Voluptuous Adult Entertainment represents the purest greatness of the Adult Entertainment Industry and it continues to be the fastest growing genre within the entire industry. The talent, producers, directors, and members of this community are the best & greatest in all of Adult Entertainment, and they prove that greatness on a daily basis, all while still never receiving there just due, just respect, and just recognition. Long gone are the days where are genre begs for the scraps of respect from certain elements within the greater industry. Long gone are the days where we allow those outside of our genre to set the standards of what they feel we should be or perform. Long gone are the days where feel that we require their “approval” to be deemed valuable. Today is another day in the rising wave of BBW & Voluptuous Adult Momentum – as we continue to prove that we are not a “Niche” market, nor are we a “Specialty” market – Today is the day where we add another exclamation point on the fact that the Voluptuous Adult Entertainment genre IS THE NEW STANDARD OF THE INDUSTRY.

And as a result of that, we at PHAT Media & PHAT Magazine ( are proud to announce that we will be presenting the 1st Ever – PHAT Awards. An Awards where we will not only celebrate the best & brightest of Voluptuous Adult Talent within our ranks – on an completely unbiased level and perspective, we will also profess & promote the agenda of “PHAT Excellence” to the World. And let that world know that we will not be marginalized and belittled so that the Adult Industry status quo can maintain, but we will overcome and dominate on our own terms – so that our genre can be what it was truly meant to be…the Greatest in Adult Entertainment.

Fans & Members of Voluptuous Adult & XXX All Over the World – Unite SO that we can show the true power of #PHATExcellence”.

PHAT President, LeDiva Justice, went on to give some additional info about The PHAT Awards (aka The PHATTIES) – that the PHAT Awards will be an online award event, but stating that if enough support is given and if enough of the genre wants it, a Convention/Show can happen in the future. She went on to express that the Award will be open to the entire spectrum of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment to include “the thick, the BBW, & the SSBBW“. Categories and the process of selecting nominees and winners has not been addressed yet, but that information will be coming in the coming days.

For More Information on The 2020 PHAT AwardsStay Tuned to PHAT Magazine.