Interview w/ Nisha Swallows, Ph.D


Representing the Big Apple, New York City, an amazing talent is making a name for herself. NYC-bred, Bronx-based adult entertainer, Nisha Swallows (@NishaBSwllowin) has been gaining some major traction for effortlessly infusing pure skill mixed with a patented suction style into her trade mark fellatio game, creating some of the best fellatio classics seen in the biz overall. She has a Ph. D in the skill, which stands for “Pure Head Devourer”, and yes we made that acronym up, but one can’t deny it fits Nisha Swallows perfectly.

One of the Leaders of the new subgenre of adult entertainment that has and is growing massively in popularity, pure dicksucking, Nisha Swallows, has steadily been releasing top quality work for over the last few years. Displaying her notorious talents, while working with some of the best in the best in new talent in the “Head Game”, such as Erica Hood, China Eyes, & Victoria Lordz, to name a few.

This year for 2016, things are looking very bright for awesome fellatio specialist with one of the most formidable head games. 2016 Nisha Swallows plans not only continue showcasing and spreading the excellence of her dicksucking, but also show that she is more than just a head specialist, but letting it be known that even though her dicksucking is lethal, her fuck game is just as, if not, possibly moreso.

As Nisha Swallows prepares to put her mark in the industry more pronounced than ever before, we were fortunate enough to link up with the Olympian level fellatio & Fuck star for an interview to discuss how she got her start in the biz, what her plans are, her views on fellatio as its own genre within adult entertainment, and how it feels being one of the games most revered fellatio artists. Check out the interview above!

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