Geisha Grimm Gets Good Dick For Her Birthday In Latest BBWHighway Release!


Perfect thickness draws attention. Take that and combine it with the complete package that Geisha Grimm brings to the table, as well as the whole lot of ass, and we mean THE WHOLE LOT OF ASS that she brings – and what you have is a woman that is built to put an entire genre on notice – which is just what she has been doing. And she returns to, do it once again with a vengence, as she takes on the one & only Don Prince for a birthday celebration fuck, but instead of birthday licks, Don Prince puts in deep birthday strokes.

From the very start, the one constant highlight throughout this scene is the very nice long-dick/long stroke action when it comes to the dicking down of all the good pussy of Geisha Grimm. Just the visuals and the energy that Geisha exudes when getting fucked, just stands out to us all. You just can not take your eyes of her when she is in action. Which is good for us as this scene provides a lot of action to view. But just watching all this thickness getting fucked – is just pure greatness.  One of our highlights in this scene, is of course Geisha Grimm’s cowgirl. This massive ass bouncing without mercy or respect to the laws of physics is simply captivating as Don Prince thrust the sum total of his dick to its deepest depths inside of Geisha, is just what good old fashioned fucking is all about.

But, its Geisha Grimm, so not only do we expect good fucking from her, its what she does damn well. But not the only think. And of course we are talking about her fire head game, that she keeps on perfecting with each and every new scene we see her in. And in this latest she sucks Don Prince up something special. Swallow to the best of her ability as much of dick as she can, Geisha Grimm just excels so righteously with the head game, that it stands out, while at the same time accompanying the overall scene. The way sucks in Don Prince, you can tell the love for what she does is genuine, not phony or fakes. She is just the bomb.

Another fire scene and performance from Geisha Grimm, as she teams up with Don Prince to make another solid piece for their catalogs. Geisha Grimm’s stock continues to rise as a hell of a performer all real with no filler, as well as one of our personal favorites. Its way past time we start looking at her as one of the industry’s great pure performers as well. Definitely head over to, purchase a subscription, as she brings another classic Grimm performances just in time to heat up the summer. All we can say is that we simply can’t wait for the next one.

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