G.O.A.T Oralist/Hall Of Famer, Melrose Foxx, Puts In Work On PinkyXXX.com!


The 4 words we love to say with great excitement – “Melrose Foxx Is Back!“; Another 2 words we love to say just as much – “…on PinkyXXX.com“. Put them together and what you get is one of the industry as a whole’s most exciting performers of ever, Melrose Foxx, returning to where we she seems to shine brightest – PinkyXXX.com/Royalty Entertainment. And in this latest release, Foxx links up with, co-star & dicksmith, Rob Piper to deliver a grandmaster SUCK & Fuckfest to that must be categorized as nothing but incredible! But its, Melrose Foxx…all this woman knows is how to be incredible!

Melrose Foxx outdoes herself, if that’s even possible, by delivering a 12 cylinder high-octane overdrive power scene in her latest suck & fuck with Rob Piper! And that’s no exaggeration! Fans of Melrose Foxx’s long storied career know that it is full of incredible battles of lust where she knows only one mode – and that’s H.A.M – and this scene is no different. With Rob Piper powerfucking & thrusting deep inside the Hall of Famer with such force you’d think he had the Power of Greyskull behind him ( *Reference from the cartoon, He-Man…no we ain’t old), Melrose Foxx does what she does best, take that dick & fuck back! And fuck back she does. From Riding, taking the dick doggystyle, or even being in the floating missionary position where Rob Piper puts the piston pounding technique into action, Melrose Foxx loves the good dick, and seems to be powered by it – almost as if each stroke she receives lustfully enrages her further & further! This fucking is just…as we said earlier…In-Fucking-Credible!

Seeing this Melrose Foxx put in work on this dick is akin to watching Da Vinci in the zone as he paints the Mona Lisa. And where that shows with so much relevance – is Melrose Foxx infamous oral style – which has been, with great documentation, as one of the best fellatio styles in all of XXX history – across all levels. It is for real, no fucking joke. The way Melrose sucks the dick of Rob Piper in this lastest scene – fuck it, we’ll say it – Melrose Foxx is giving a damn MasterClass on oral perfection! She glazes the dick with purpose. Suck the dick with gusto! Massages the dick with efficency & passion. All of it – being textbook trademarks of this woman’s sexual arsenal. It simply has to be witnessed to be believed. And even in the tagline of the scene – PinkyXXX.com states it when they say – “the greatest dicksucker in porn!“…..

…well we WILL most definitely get into that debate soon! But the bottomline is that – Melrose Foxx delivers to the max in this marvelous scene, along with Rob Piper! Melrose Foxx is one of the greatest performers of all time, and has reached the time-honored & highly coveted status of G.O.A.T in the Art of Oralism/Fellatio – head to PinkyXXX.com, buy a membership, and watch her, yet again prove it! But to check out the full scene – Head to Melrose Foxx’s Official OnlyFans site – Onlyfans.com/melrosefox !

{Editor’s Note: The fact that we have yet to see the fellatio skills of Melrose Foxx & arguably the best fellatio/oralist in the business, Jayla Foxx – together, on two dicks, in once scene…is a GAWD DAMN travesty! #JustSaying}

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