Erika Xstacy Unleashes Fiery Fuck On!


Erika Xstacy, Erika Xstacy, oh how we love our Erika Xstacy. This lovely woman has earned a name for herself by  being one of the most ruthless & relentless in passion, aggression, & pure lust when it comes to the fucking and getting fucked by the biggest of dicks; its why we call her “The Conqueror” afterall. And very few, if any co-stars can claim to have out-conquered, &/or out-fucked this woman. So what happens when Erika Xstacy is introduced to a man who is known for fucking with efficient destruction – we have a the ultimate FUCKFEST!

Well leave it up to the good folks over at PlumperPass to bring us just that. In their newest release, Erika Xstacy stars in her latest flick with co-star Carlo Carrera , so appropriately titled “Fuck & Suck“. Yes, “Fuck & Suck“…and ohhh how we love that title. Forget the plots, forget the setups – when Erika Xstacy is involved this is what you get – Fucking and Sucking at its finest…and this is what she brings at full strength.

But who is up to the task to handle this ultimate Fuckstar – none other than Carlo Carrera. And in this latest scene what we get is 0 to 100 real quick on the lust meter as Erika Xstacy wastes no time in getting down to business by feasting on the lumber of Carlo with the quickness ( an Erika Xstacy trademark which we so enjoy). And then, following that – Carlo & Erika commence to a powerfucking of the ages. Erika Xstacy is demanding the dick, and Carlo is obliging with stroke after stroke of power piston pounding action from all angles and positions as Carlo does his job and that is trying to tame the wild pussy of Erika Xstacy.

This scene is just a true textbook definition of what pure fucking is on so many levels delivered by two of the best in the business at the art/sport of fucking. “Fuck & Suck“, delivers from the beginning to the end – and once again lets the world know that Erika Xstacy, a FuckStar Supreme – and we just can’t get enough of it. Head over to PlumperPass…PURCHASE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, and witness one  the industry’s finest showing once again why she is just that!

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