Erika Xstacy Returns To Demolish Dick!


There are few women that can command the attention quite the way that Erika Xstacy can. Since her debut into XXX, Erika Xstacy immediately showed that she wasn’t just your everyday average XXX entertainer – what she showed is that she is a force, a sexual dynamite…a-a-a combination of nympho & tazmanian devil on the dick…a bonifide FuckStar! And that well earned & honest reputation has led to her being one of the most sought after performers in the biz due to hard hardcore fucking and sucking skills – on top of the fact that she is just gorgeous to look at. After months of her loyal fans demanding her return on various social media, forums, and chatrooms all over – the good folks of PlumperPass has once again brought back the Super Saiyan FuckStar.

In their latest release, “To Catch A Cougar“, Erika Xstacy is off trying to shed some lbs for the summer – why we don’t know. But the summer is quite hot, so she has to take a break, but who can possibly ignore all of the supreme thickness of Erika Xstacy – no one. Which is why Sean Cali pounces upon the chance to help Erika Xstacy cool off at his place. And shortly thereafter, and we do mean “shortly”…Erika Xstacy is on the dick with the aggression and quickness of a Honey Badger on its prey!

And this is what we love about Erika Xstacy, and this scene – along with her entire catalog…her magnificent ability to start a scene aggressively & instantly – immediately setting the tone for an awesome scene which she always delivers without fail, and this one is no different. In less than 3 minutes of the scene starting, Erika Xstacy has Sean Cali’s big dick in her mouth, i’m sure if it wasn’t for the fact that for shooting purposes the scene needed to be done on a bed she would have gladly devoured him right there.

This scene is another classic scene by the Unstoppable Erika Xstacy, who has an excellent pairing with Sean Cali. Simply because Erika Xstacy & huge dicks go together like… huge dicks & Erika Xstacy! The way she attacks the dick & fucks the dick of Sean Cali with her “Fuck The Dick Size” lust is what has made her arguably one of the top pure performers in the business, as well as arguably the top pure fuckstar in business! I mean is Sean Cali’s huge dick too big for her mouth – probably, but Erika just doesn’t give a fuck and sucks it with such gusto! Is Sean Cali’s huge dick too much for Erika Xstacy’s pussy – maybe – but Erika doesn’t give a fuck, she fucks it with the vigor of…Erika Xstacy fucking a huge dick…its just unbelievable to watch this woman perform her craft.  I mean is Sean Cali’s baby arm too much for Erika Xstacy’s asshole – its gotta be right?!? – Nope, Erika doesn’t give a fuck and she delivers her asshole to get fucked expertly & loves every minute of it!

A top contender for scene of the year for sure. Erika Xstacy is fucking back! In a hellified high-octane performance for the summer. Go over to, purchase your subscription & be amazed at one of the realest performers period. Its fucking Erika Xstacy….just…just…DAMN!