Erika Xstacy Fucks The Hell Out Of Big Ol’ Dick


Erika Xstacy Fucks The Hell Out Of Big Ol’ Dick – that’s pretty much all there is to it. The power, the spell that Erika Xstacy casts out all across the voluptuous adult universe, the reason why her and her classic scenes are loved & cherished, the reason why she is the original FuckStar…all can center around that one tagline. Erika Xstacy fucking the hell out of Big Dicks is textbook definition of what good porn is, and why she is one of our favorites. AND its also why she makes her grand return to battle and put her all-time undefeated fuck streak on the line once again by delivering an awesome scene & an equally awesome performance to another big dick in her latest release from the good folks over at PlumperPass, entitled – “Step Mother Fucker

Frist off, let us just say, Erika Xstacy is a fucking goddess…she looks fucking incredible. And we are loving the way the blue contrasts with her. And with that said, the plot to this latest scene is straight forward…John, PlumperPass Woodsman, stunt dick, and soon-to-be lunch for Erika Xstacy, plays Erika Xstacy’sstepson“, who just so happens to think he has the house to himself. So what does any man do when he has the house to himself – whip out the dick and enjoy the finest in pornography the cable tv has to offer. But, as it turns out – he isn’t quite so alone. His “stepmother“, Erika Xstacy, checks in his room, to find him enjoying himself, with all of the big dick out. No one loves big dick as much as Erika Xstacy, and after being thoroughly impressed, and turned on by the dick of her stepson…she begins her approach to her stepson… you can guess, magical and great things happen shortly there after.

Now again, we can not stress how beautiful Erika Xstacy is period, let alone in this flick. And as she approaches an extremely apologetic John, she without hesitation shows how much she loves his dick. And promises to never reveal his masturbation, if John forgets that she was in his room. And as soon as that deal is struck, Erika Xstacy wastes no time in wrapping and stretching her lips around the girth and length of John, and deliver her classic & elegant, yet evil dicksucking that we love so much. I mean Erika Xstacy is a wizard of big dick sucking sorcery…and one of the highlights of this scene is the way it captures her head game multiple times throughout the scene. From 69, to sucking the dick as John lays on his back, to Erika being on her hands and knees just throating with the evilest of intentions as much of John’s dick deep within her throat as she can. The suck work is just great.

But what kind of Erika Xstacy scene would be complete – without her showing off why she is indeed, the original fuckstar. And our favorite position that we absolutely love seeing her in, is Erika Xstacy’s patented reverse cowgirl ride. Erika Xstacy fucks the hell out of this big dick – and in this reverse cowgirl, what we call her signature position – she shows just what we mean. Erika Xstacy throws the pussy all the way down on the dick of John so masterfully. Perfectly parallel to the bed, Erika Xstacy is on her feet riding dick straight up and down, ensuring that the totality of John penis is stuffed completely into her pussy, guaranteeing Erika’s lust meter increase to the point where just gets relentless with the cowgirl. Her big fat titties bouncing, we love how Erika is just enjoying the dick. And what separates Erika from many other performers is her genuine adlibs of how good the dick is. Just something about hearing her comment on the goodness of John’s dick, in addition to her moans and screams…just sends us over the fucking edge. Erika Xstacy Fucks the hell out of Big Ol’ Dick.

And when John switches to modified missionary with Erika Xstacy’s legs spread and pushed all the way back…we hear those moans and adlibs go up an extra octave, as she is slammed with perfection. Erika’s ability to take dick deep in her phat pussy is infamous throughout the world, including parts of Antartica – and John delivers incredible long dick/long stroke action to the pussy. Its just an amazing fucking scene overall. Which is not surprising – its fucking Erika Xstacy. That’s what she does, and is so fucking good at.

Erika Xstacy delivers the goods with greatness as she always does. Which is why she is one of the genre’s and industry’s favorite & brightest actresses & entertainers in XXX. She invokes your attention and injects it with her own brand of volcanic lust so ruthlessly that masturbation is just necessary. In fact, we wrote this whole article with one hand because of this scene from Erika!

The Dutchess of FuckStardom returns for a great and solid scene. So great that it felt short, even though it topped 30 minutes. Especially when we know that Erika Xstacy’s insatiablity knows know time limits. GEEZ we love this woman. And you will love this latest showing of greatness from her. Head over to, PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION – its…fucking Erika Xstacy…nuff’ said!!!

8.4 So Nice, So NICE!!!

Erika Xstacy is a delight always, and in this scene she delivers as only she can. Outstanding fucking, and superior dicksucking - its what you can always expect with every and any Erika Xstacy scene. we do wish we could have gotten some doggystyle though. Nicely shot, as well...scene paced great. Plot line was a little, underdeveloped, with no real - full establishment made...but fuck it - its Erika Xstacy and big dick, what more do you need! Erika Xstacy shows great acting chops nonetheless. John delivers soundly. Another great scene Erika & PlumperPass

  • HEAT 8.5
  • ACTION 8.5
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 7.3
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