Erika, The Conqueror vs. Jax The Destroyer…???


The ancitipation is building for the return of Erika Xstacy to PlumperPass from fans all over. But of course…the question is…who is going to be the man tasked with handling the return of the woman who conquered Shane Diesel anally, by herself…only to come back and take on both Shane Diesel & Ramon at the same damn time, double penetration included!!!

Well, on the @PlumperPass Twitter Timeline, we may have gotten that answer as to who this lucky bastard will be:

That’s right, word has it…that Jax, The Destroyer (aka @JaxSlayher) has been tasked with the assignment of tackling one of the fiercest adult entertainment stars in the business, the ultimate fuckstar Erika Xstacy on her return!

Now of course Jax has built up a repuation for destroying pussies industry wide with the efficiency of a Jackhammer for some time now, and that why we, collectively, love this pick. And if this rumor is in fact true…it does mean that this will be a hell of a Return scene for Erika Xstacy.

However the question remains for JaxErika Xstacy is the woman that in her first few scenes single handedly destroy some of the biggest penises the industry has to offer, and now since she is returning after long hiatus, we here at the offices of PHAT can only view this in the same light as the onslaught that “Iron” Mike Tyson had when he returned to the boxing ring after his sentence. And we all know what happened with his oppenents (we hope you guys do remember so we aren’t just showing our age). Tyson destroyed them with a fast and fierce rage, and we do believe that Erika Xstacy is primed and ready to bring the same sexual lust filled rage to the dick with Jax on her return.

So the question is who will destroy who in this fuckfest for the ages…? In the end it does not matter…the winner will be the fans & voluptuous adult entertainment as a whole as we prep to witness The Return of Erika Xstacy.

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