Erica Hood Starts 2017 With Some Beef!


How do we start the New Year of 2017 off right…by having none other that “The Professor” Erica Hood kick in the door and delivering another one of her patented unrivaled fellatio…fuck that….straight up dicksucking masterpieces to the world as only she can do by pythoning the man known as “King Beef” who is becoming a tried and true favorite on the amateur scene.

Erica Hood, already recognized as one of the most diabolical head specialists in the game(check it out here), does not rest on her laurels at all, as she takes on one of the amateur porn game’s most girth-iest lumberjacks, in King Beef. And in typical classic Erica Hood style – regardless of the mass and beef – Erica Hood repeatidly “stuff sucks” the dick of Beef until, after all its might, submits to the will of Erica Hood’s notorious head game.

This is classic yet reinvigorated Erica Hood at her finest. Which is, we hope, a good indicator of much much more great things we can expect to see from the XXX actress/Fellatio Grandmaster. She is definitely a favorite amongst the masses of not only voluptuous lovers, but the even greater masses of dicksucking lovers and afficeiendos worldwide.

All this magnificent sucking goes down at, the best oral site out for that raw, no bullshit, only straight talent and skill dicksucking – And huge shoutsout to Rick Nasty, always bringing the heat and the illest collection of head specialists period. Head over to the site, #PayForYourPorn, and witness the new season Erica Hood has set the standard early in 2017. We love this woman, and as much email as we get you do too.

Way to kick off the 2017 – check her out and enjoy!

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