Eliza Allure x Asstyn Martyn Delivers PlumperPass.com’s 1st Banger of 2020 With Scorching Hot Scene!


As the ball drops & we begin a new voyage in the world of XXX, the good folks of PlumperPass.com have decided to bring in the beginning days of 2020, not with a whimper, but with a hellified explosion of XXX goodness – as the incredible & orgasmic talents of The Great Eliza Allure & the total package of Asstyn Martyn bring their sexual gifts together to bring an instant classic & must watch scene to start this year off right! In their latest scene & 1st scene together (that we are aware of), entitled – “Pin-Up Plumpers“, Allure & Martyn engage in a hardcore romp of just exquisite sucking, fucking, & fucking & sucking with nothing but ginormous ass & lust on full display with grand perfection for the entire fucking scene.

The scene begins with the lovely Eliza & Asstyn checking out the amazing fractal art in downtown Miami, while dressed in feature-showing pinup dresses that make sure to show off all of their awesome curvature. While checking out the artwork they believe that a picture of them with the fractals would be awesome, yet who could take such a picture? Well, when you have perfect thickness as these ladies have, a helping hand is never far away – and it just so happens a stranger named Carlo comes along, and see the thickness of these ladies and is more than happy to oblige them. As he is seeing the ladies pose with all that ass, he mentions that he has a studio & suggest that the ladies join them for some more serious photography work…which the ladies agree too…and then the goodness begins immediately.

Once back at Carlo’s studio, the sexual energy between Eliza & Asstyn is more than overwhelming, and they say fuck the shoot, as they are ready to go in on each other while Carlo happily observes. And we are blessed with pure sultriness as Eliza& Asstyn begin to make out. The huge & heavy tits of Asstyn Martyn are quickly released & immediately sucked up by Eliza & Carlo as they should be. Followed by the enormous of ass of https://twitter.com/ElizaAllureEliza, which admired, and her titties that are quickly sucked by Asstyn & Carlo...and then Asstyn Martyn’s legendary ginormous & perfect ass is unveiled & worshipped – again, as it should be.

With so much ass, its a must that Carlo release his dick to this talented duo. And the oral talents of Asstyn Martyn & Eliza Allure bless the dick of Carlo with a great and extremely glazed double blowjob. Each of these titans of our industry take turns in stretching their lips around the dick, each suck of the dick leaving it wetter than the suck before it. And when they get down on their knees, its clear that practice is over and serious dicksucking commences as both ladies attack the dick with nothing but sweet and deep sucks as each takes turns stuffing as much of Carlo’s dick in their mouth as possible. Amazing tag team dicksucking here and incredible ball sucking by Eliza Allure. These two ladies make a great pair with dicksucking. It is truly righteous.

And after such a mean dicksucking assault, its only right that Carlo attacks the pussies of these two ladies with equal lethality, and we start with Asstyn Martyn who bends all of that leviathan ass over in doggystyle, and with one stroke of Carlo’s dick – she is already in complete lust overload – but its just the start as Carlo goes pound crazy, and we mean absolutely goes in with his repeated stuffing of Asstyn Martyn’s good pussy. It is just a beautiful site to see all of that dick going in between the cheeks to Asstyn’s sweet pussy as she tastes and devours the fat pussy of Eliza Allure. And as the roles reverse, and its Eliza’s time & turn, an already revved up Carlo goes berserk on the damn good pussy of Eliza doggystyle.

And this scene goes even more crazy with piston-pounding hardcore fucking that moves mountains, and by mountains we mean the mountains of ass and titties between Eliza Allure & Asstyn Martyn. We get phenomenal cowgirl action by Asstyn Martyn who slams all of that fucking huge ass on the dick of Carlo, before he takes over and fucks that pussy without regard. And perhaps one of the many highlights of the scene is when Carlo opens up wide those hams of Eliza Allure exposing all of that juicy fat pussy & just unloads a delightful series of devastating thrusts of pure penile power deep into her loins….its a grand fuckfest.

As we said earlier, the good folks over at PlumperPass have delivered the first grand banger of voluptuous adult entertainment in 2020. And it sets an incredible tone for the year. The combined talents of Asstyn Martyn & Eliza Allure is simply incredible. These two bring a formula together that just works, as it brings out all of the sexual energy out of them, as well as Carlo who goes into a berserker barrage (Wolverine reference to all you Marvel fans) on the pussies of Eliza & Asstyn. This is #CertifiedBanger & an absolute #MustSee. We hope we see these two future Hall of Famers team up again…because the result seems like it will always be pure lust & the hardest of hardcore fucking. Head over to PlumperPass.com, Join Up, and check out easily one of the best scenes of the year thus far. And be sure to follow both ladies & check out there websites for EXCLUSIVE Bangers at ElizaAllure.com & AsstynMartyn.com


Eliza & Asstyn Put On A Hardcore Excellenct Performance!


When you combine the xxx prowess as well as the asses of Eliza Allure & Asstyn Martyn, two no-brainer 1st ballot future Hall of Famers, & current top actresses of the genre - then you already know greatness is about to happen. And it is proved in this latest release. Both ladies are incredible and showcase lust very well, and are very genuine in their taking of the Carlo's dick. And kudos goes to Carlo who absolutely ramrods both of these ladies fiercely. Eliza's performance is phenomenal, Asstyn's performance is just as phenomenal. Dicksucking is very electric, these two work well together as a head tag team. Production is standard PlumperPass greatness. This combination of talent puts in so much action in this scene you almost forget that its only 30 minutes. Even though its very early in 2020, the talents of Eliza & Asstyn make this scene one of the years best already. A classic & must-see delivered by two of the industries best.

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