#DreamMatchup: Samantha Paige x Millie Carter


We were asked the question by one of our many readers on our Twitter: @PHATMagazineThe World’s PHATTEST Twitter Timeline…Period!!!” the question…”What would be you guys ultimate dream XXX match-up?”

…and we thought and we thought – and surely thousands of combinations came to mind. A lot of them would naturally obvious. So we wanted to choose a match-up that would be surprising, and then once the shock wore off – would have garnered an “Oooooo….HELL YEAH!” response. And that dream match up would be – a XXX 2 man BBC fuckfest featuring the outstanding Sam Paige, aka Irish Rose…and the wunderbutt Millie Carter!!!

Now let’s briefly break these two down. Sam Paige – since her debut on the NastyNetwork has been an all out performer that can expertly go hard and perform at the highest level on the meanest and biggest of dicks. And rocking perhaps one of the biggest asses for a PAWG that we have seen since Millie Carter and others, the Irish Rose knew just how to work that huge ass in every scene that she has done, and work it hard – which you can clearly see in her latest flick over at Coozhound.com! We spoke highly about her in 2015 that she was rising to be one of voluptuous adult enertainment’s rising stars to watch for – and everytime she drops something new she continues to prove that we were right!

Then you have the underground legendary fuckstar with the mega phatty in Millie Carter. Brought to us by voluptuous adult super site – that continues to bring some of the hottest pure fucking action period – BBWHighway.com. Millie Carter’s impact to the genre was immediate as soon as she debuted on the site! And we do mean immediate. She debuted when the genre was beginning the embracing of PAWGs with a fury – and then in comes Millie Carter – with ALL THAT ASS to instantly become the #1 PAWG period. Combine that with her sexual appetite and sheer uncanny ability to take huge dick with all the intensity it can muster, Millie Carter was known for creating some of the hottest amateur interracial BBW scenes ever.

Now combine both of these super phenomenal ginormous ULTRA-Assed XXX actresses together – in one scene, each with one (or two) BBC’s a piece! Damnit you are looking at one of the greatest works of pure fucking, pure sex, and pure intense lust ever created – (granted if its shot right). And that’s no hyperbole, simply fact. Both of these ladies deliver/delivered intensely on camera.

So yes, there are many dream matches – but this is a dream match that’s sheer heat would help push the genre past the any other genre in adult enteratinment. This would be scene that would be purely for the lovers of both BBWs, and the biggest asses ever, and for lovers of nothing but textbook pure INTENSE hardcore fucking and strictly that!

Sam Paige is continuing to showcase why she is one of the genre’s best pure fuckstars in the business. While Millie Carter, despite YEARS of wishing and hoping she would return, has yet (to the best of our knowledge) to be heard from. Which is disheartning, because she was certainly enroute to be one of the best in the entire industry. So because of that we may never see such a potentially incredible scene happen…BUT, it would definitely be a #DreamMatchup…

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