Double Donk Destruction As Jade Jordan x Mazzeratie Monica Go HAM!


We here at PHAT are not known to be the jealous type…ok, damnit we are known to be the jealous type. We can’t help it – covering the finest voluptuous adult entertainment in the world can make anyone jealous – especially when fire drops at the degree of the latest release Mazzaratie Monica & Jade Jordan…yes, we said Mazz Monica x Jade Jordan. These ladies have combined their intense sexual expertise, along with their bomb ass oralism proficiency…and two of the most incredible asses this industry has ever known (…so fucking incredible) to put together a hellified 3some for the ages, and at the very least 2018.

Now as  you can tell from the picture above, ManFury, resident woodsman for this scene, has the responsibility to properly vanquish these two diabolical derriere’d damsels – but…with such intense dicksucking being effectively executed on his dick by Mazzeratie Monica & Jade Jordan he must force himself to hang on to his soul for dear life…and this here in lays the theme of this incredible scene – Mazzeratie Monica & Jade Jordan fucking and suck the hell out of the dick of ManFury with zero fucks given to his extreme pleasure.

This scene is a phenomenal showcase of the pure sexual magic that these two women possess. Individually both Mazz Monica and Jade Jordan have become superstars in their own rights. Both establishing massive followings, due to the raw and aggressive sex that they bring in every scene they do; not to mention each of them having historically massive asses with more cake than Duncan Hines (…does Duncan Hines make cakes or brownies…hmm…anyway…) – the fact that these two are together for the first time on one man, one dick, one soul…well, this scene is fireworks from the very start. As soon as ManFury’s dick is released, it is only a matter of moments before these deliver a deep and enriching tag team dicksucking worthy of Olympic Gold. And watching these two ladies ride dick…hell, these two ladies two of the most supreme asses in the business…and watching them drop the pussy down balls deep on ManFury with all the momentum of the weight of those incredible asses….it is literally must see watching.

A fucking incredible chemistry – Mazzaratie Monica and Jade Jordan become the perfect tag team combination for this highly energetic and intense fuck session – one that will require multiple watches and views just watch in amazement at the abilities of these women. An outstanding scene filled to the max with nothing but no frills, only good old fashioned hardcore fucking the way it is meant to be.

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