Doctor Eliza Allure Knows Best In Latest PlumperPass Release


The Great One, Eliza Allure, in all of her loveliness & radiance returns to – to do what she does best and like no one else – deliver premium hardcore sucking and fucking to the delight of millions around the world. And their is nothing we enjoy more than seeing this woman in action – and action is certainly what she brings in her latest scene from – “Dr. Feel Good“, featuring PlumperPass Woodsman – Kenny Bones.

The Lovely Eliza Allure, plays Dr. Allure, & when Kenny Bones suffers from a sports related injury – who better to call on than the good doctor,  who takes her time to do a thorough inspection of her patient to ensure that she is doing her absolute best to rid him of any discomfort. While she is checking out Kenny Bones, he just cannot help to enjoy the view of all of Dr. Allure’s tremendous curves, from ass, tits, & belly. And when Dr. Allure requests Bones to give her total access to his body by removing his clothing, she notices a big hard dick. And it is her duty to ensure that the dick is working properly due to his sports related injury…and from there we witness Dr. Allure begin to indulge herself on big dick, as she pulls those big tits out, and begins to enjoy dick in her own signature style that has made her famous all around the world.

There is always something special about an Eliza Allure scene. The sensuality mixed with pure lust this woman delivers on screen is always electric and this scene is no different. Eliza Allure sucks the dick of Kenny Bones with a genuine affection for it. Taking full deep mouthfuls of dick with every suck, and stuffing her mouth and her throat to maximum capacity over and over again. This woman just looks stunning with dick in her mouth.

But in addition to Eliza Allure sucking good dick, it is her zeal for fucking that really shines brightly in this scene. Especially in her cowgirl, as she mounts Kenny Bones and rides his dick on her toes. Stuffing herself full of big dick as she slams all of that wet phat pussy balls deep, Eliza Allure loves it. I mean Eliza Allure wreaks pure havoc and pleasure on the dick when she rides – making for one of voluptuous XXX’s best cowgirl style exhibitionists.

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