DippdNRedd Shows Its Not A Game In Latest PlumperPass Release!


She sent shockwaves through the nation and sent tremors through the world when she debuted on PlumperPass.com last month – Instantly becoming one of voluptuous adult entertainments most watched and viewed talents and setting the stage for what we could have only imagine to be a nothing but stellar year for the genre! And well…DippdNRedd has returned to bring us Rd. 2 of what can only be described as a lustful beatdown onto the industry as she teams up with the good folks over at PlumperPass again to deliver another banger. And more importantly show to this industry that she is about that work just in case you thought it was a game!

DippdNRedd returns to bring her hypnotic brand of fucking, and of course massive breasts that are just a delicacy to big tit lovers world wide, to the gold screen in her latest release entitled, “Dick In Redd“, co-starring PlumperPass Woodsman, Juan Largo. In this scene, there is no plot, no story, but a brief interview of DippdNRedd…or what we like to call an “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…My Name Is…” moment. Where she tells a little bit about herself, how she came up with her moniker, her ideas about her career thus far in the XXX biz, and how she mentions her favorite things sexually are sucking dick & doggystyle! Two activities that are showcased in excellence in this scene! And after a brief interview…she is then introduce to Juan Largo…and quickly the magic happens.

Now…we must say that the huge-ness and beauty of DippdNRedd’s breasts just cannot be denied. And it doesn’t take long for Juan Largo to drop to his knees and worship their weight and softness with squeezes and sucks on the oh-so-huge areola-ed nipples. But, as much as Dippd loves the titty love, she is clearly ready to get down to business, and wastes no time in doing one of her favorite things – sucking that dick. And geez…her head game is efficient and intense. Watching her suck dick is just…so nice. You can see the focus and that mean suction she puts on it – so good to the point that even Juan Largo has to concede her love & skill for the dicksucking is top notch!

And then…we are blessed with the doggystyle, and damnit – DippdNRedd’s doggystyle is just something great to witness. In both scenes she has been in when she goes doggystyle, you can see in on the face of her co-stars that…the pussy is just overwhelming, as they close their eyes to meditate on not busting too fast from its goodness. And just watching those huge jumbo titties just bounce and sway their heaviness with each thrust is just 1.) Damn good genes, and 2.) Damn Good Action……And if wanted even more big titty action… this scene has that too – with DippdNRedd going full cowgirl…and the camera beautifully catching DippdNRedd doing work on the dick, as those titties disrespect gravity & Sir Issac Newton as they bounce with no regard to who gives a DAMN!  And their is still more fire after that!!!

DippdNRedd delivers the business in this latest project. The chemistry between Juan Largo & Dippd make for a genuine dynamic scene of pure fucking & DippdNRedd shows up and shows out on the dick. And if you love those magnanimous breasts – then you get all of that and then some in “Dick In Redd“. This woman is here, and while in this scene she says she does not know if her time in this business will be a career or a hobby – fans worldwide are hoping its a career. Head over to PlumperPass.com, Join Up, and witness the heat that DippdNRedd is bringing – showing the genre and the world that it ain’t a game!

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