Dippd N’Redd Returns To Deliver And Receive Good Dick On PlumperPass.com


When we speak on total package fuckstars, or adult actresses who have it all – we do have a number of them in the world of voluptuous XXX…but, damnit, none have quite hit the industry with the force of a Mack truck like Dippd N’Redd! We are talking about a superbly stacked brickhouse of the highest order complete with some of the biggest titties in the business, hams for day, all the ass, and one of the most ruthless & most vicious head games in all of voluptuous adult entertainment. Dippd N’Redd is full armed with all of the tools necessary to bring havoc in the sex game. And while its been a little minute – we are pleased to say that she is back with another #CertifiedBanger.

Dippd N’ Redd returns to PlumperPass in her latest scene entitled, “Dip Delivers“, as a delivery driver bringing PlumperPass woodsman, Sean, a meal – but when Sean realizes he is short on cash…Dippd comes up with the perfect idea to pay the bill.

Now let us just get the obvious out of the way – this is a short scene, clocking in at just under 19 minutes…however, this is just the reason why this scene gets a #CertifiedBANGER rating from us…because what it lacks in time, it makes up for in just the sheer awesomeness of Dippd!. With a simple plot established, the scene wastes no time in getting into action. And that action begins with Sean unleashing some of porn’s biggest breasts amongst the earth, and losing himself in the handling and sucking of such monstrously huge mammary glands. The breasts of Dippd are so fucking gorgeous…every time we see them it is like the first time, all over again. And with sucking such phenomenal breasts, of course Sean rock solid. Lucky for him Dippd N’Redd knows how to precisely handle rock hard big dick.

Once Sean’s dick is revealed, Dippd N’Redd, pops that dick into her mouth and proceeds to do 24k magic on the phallus, shaft, AND balls like the accomplished oralist that she is. She absolutely blesses the dick of Sean by apply her luxurious dicksucking all over his dick. Taking time to wrap those humongous tits around his dick, she continues to swallow good dick with his dick lost in between those tits.

From there we get a surprisingly quick fadeaway to Dippd getting and struggling out of those jean daisies that seem to refuse to let go of all that ass…we cannot say we blame them, but once they are free…Dippd N’Redd is completely naked and looking so damn delicious, like a tall stack of IHOP pancakes with extra syrup & titties looking a big helping of all that is right in the world. And once she is there, she gets ready to assume the position of cowgirl which is one of her most notorious positions. She sinks all of that good pussy onto the dick of Sean, and just works and bounces that pussy – making one of the greatest visuals we’ve seen this year. Dippd is fucking gorgous sitting and riding that dick with all of those huge titties just moving and flowing with her fucking of the dick. Dippd N’Redd rides that dick like a boss, with all dem titties just bouncing, flopping, and falling all over the fucking place. Damnit this woman looks fucking fantastic like this.

And apparently she was impressed with her riding herself, because she hops off the dick and blesses it with some more of her phenomenal head game. Then she assumes the position of doggystyle, and Sean rightfully enters that good pussy from behind and goes berserk in that good pussy. Losing his mind in that good pussy, not only in doggystyle, but in sideways missionary as well, where he grips the thick hams of Dippd, and just pile drives pure dick deep within her loins. Dippd clearly loves the dick and the fucking the dick is performing. And how do we know Dippd N’Redd has some of the best pussy – the massive cumshots she causes – and this scene is no exception as Sean brings a full balls-worth of genetic material all across the biggest areolas in all of XXX, which just so happen to be on some of the biggest tits in all of porn.

Dippd N’Redd brings an amazing performance, again to PlumperPass. This woman is rich and chocolate like a Hershey bar, with more titties than should be legally allowed. And with such a short run time, a lot is packed into it. It feels and runs longer, thanks to the hard paced action. But as a result some things are shortned, but overall, the scene and the action itself are great. Dippd N’Redd is back, and fucking good dick like the Voluptuous XXX All-Star she is and was meant to be. A #MustSee & A #CertifiedBanger, head over to PlumperPass.com and witness to one of Voluptuous XXX’s brightest stars.


Dippd Knows How To Fuck Good Dick


With a short run-time, and some rushed cuts, Dippd N'Redd still shines in this mini-scene. She is absolutely beautiful, and those tits just radiate excellence. A mean head game, that it seems like she is just about to break loose and really go in on it, before we jump to another scene. Same with her cowgirl which is a money shot with Dippd, yet we transtion quickly before she can really get into. But what is there is powerfully done. Sean delivers a good fuck, and the angles are done well. Another surprising Banger for one of Voluptuous XXX's brightest and complete stars.

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