Dippd N’Redd Brings The Medicine To The Good Doctor In Latest PlumperPass Release!


We have DippdNRedd in a new XXX scene, what more do you need…? Well, WE need it to be a Banger! But as we & fans of DippdNRedd worldwide know very well by now – all this woman creates is just that. And in her latest scene entitled “Big Cock Doctor” featuring Juan Largo & herself, the good folks over at PlumperPass.com treat us to a great display of hot fuckery as DippdNRedd merges real life disaster with XXX life heat.

In this scene, DippdNRedd, after suffering a major car accident needs to go to the doctor for a check-up and evaluation with her primary physician, Dr. Largo. And as the good doctor begins his examination, he is informed by Dippd that her due to the accident her chest are very sore – and after he asks her to remove her top so that he may gain a closer look, he is shocked & awed at the sight of so much titty in front of him. Taking his time to feel for soreness and tenderness, he deems it necessary to do a full body examination, strictly for the sake of his patient – as he not only continues to explore the vastness of the mammary glands of Dippd, but also the juicy goodness of that pussy utilizing his special medical techniques. Upon discovering that his methods are relieving Dippd of the pain and pressure caused by the accident, as any good doctor, he must follow his oath to rid his patient of all pain, even if it means fucking the hell out of that pussy, or letting her go beast mode on his dick!

DippdNRedd & Juan Largo create a grand piece of good old fashioned hardcore sucking and fucking, that is energized by ten based on the fact that DippdNRedd is just that damn hot & horny. And we mean dripping wet hot and horny that is shown as Dr. Largo examines that phat pussy by three fingering until the juices flow out. It is that very same hot and horny that leads to a totally succulent fellatio session, where Dippd glazes the dick of Largo ever so passionately with a, dare we say new technique – once again showing her expansion on her dicksucking skill tree as she is absolutely one of the best in the genre and business.

But what is the major trademark of DippdNRedd, well ladies and gentlemen, say it with us – those massive, ginormous breast-ases, topped off with the illest areolas in the business. And it is just amazing to see those titties just engulf and disappear the dick of Largo as she works them on that dick with the expertise of a lettermen. And as a whole, tittyfucking is either/or for the most part with us here at PHAT, but this tittyfucking between these two looks so damn good.

But trademarks aside, and its really hard to put those titties aside just due to the sheer dimensions of them along with how fucking good they look. What really makes Dippd shine bright is her appetite for fucking and fucking hard and working that good pussy with hardcore finesse. And Dr. Largo in his determination to get Dippd healthy again goes on a high-spirited fucking as he goes relentless on that pussy. The doggystyle is just superb as we get in two variations, on the doctors chair as well as the lounge bed. Something about seeing all that ass matched with them titties with the sex eyes of Dippd looking at Largo in amazement – it just sets the scene on fire for us. But so does the cowgirl and missionary that Dippd brings. Dippd slams the pussy on dick in cowgirl like very few others in the voluptuous xxx scene, and with authority like she know her pussy is good & that you cannot take it (and she does know just that).

But perhaps our favorite position of the scene is the missionary. It is just something about DippdNRedd, spread eagle on her back taking a good dicking with some of XXX’s most massive, beautiful, and heaviest titties bouncing like jello on a dryer. DippdNRedd fucks hard and beautifully and gets fucked hard and beautifully by Juan Largo – who shows just how much he enjoyed with a massived eruption of his soul all over the bountiful bosoms of DippdNRedd to end the scene out with his patient happy and relieved.

This is a great showing by the good folks over at PlumperPass who, despite the current state of the country, have been churning out the fire. And this scene is no exception. DippdNRedd & Juan Largo make a fantastic scene full of action, with a great plot set up, as well as good energy and sexual vibes all throughout with flow into just all out great fucking. A reason why we like this scene so much is that its partly based on a true story, as DippdNRedd unfortunately experienced an actual car accident not to long ago; with – very fortunately – no major injuries. So that fact that she was able to bring that in front of the three X screen and play on it just makes the scene that much more great. Without any doubt this is a #CertifiedBanger and PlumperPass brings it hard and heavy. It goes without saying that this is a #CertifiedBanger and a #Must-See, that can and must only be seen on PlumperPass.com.

DippdNRedd Goes Hard In This Banger!


A great damn showing by the talents of DippdNRedd & Juan Largo. Something about this assortment of talent in this scene - the sexual energy was just there all throughout. Fantastic production, with great lighting. The still photo work was excellent. Heat was just there thanks to the actual horniness of Dippd; and the action was great with great fucking. Normally with Doctor scenes its hard to get great action on the Doctors chairs, so kudos to the director for the lounge bed decision which allowed for more and better positions fucking. Chemistry between the two actors was excellen as well, and its DippdNRedd so every frame is a fucking highlight. Great scene with great fucking. What more can you ask for except for more!

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