Dippd N’ Redd Gets Long Dick Action In Newest Release


Dippd N’ Redd returns to Miami, for her much anticipated reunion with the good folks over at PlumperPass, to deliver a long dicking fuck that beautifully features the genre’s most impressive rack along with the delicious head game, topped off with nice sex action. Teamed up with PlumperPass woodsman, Joey Bones, Dippd showcases the full repertoire of her XXX arsenal as she goes in on her latest scene, entitled “Dick Dipping In Red“.

We must first say that the body of Dippd is truly an exquisite demonstration of divine design. A modern marvel to behold – With an exorbitant amount of dark chocolate titty, about an N cups worth…topped off with even darker chocolate areolas of the hugest variety – (here no better kind). And she displays it all well. And we mean well…

Which brings us to the basis of the scene, which finds the lovely Dippd N’Redd waiting for car service after a long and hard day at work. Then, speaking of long and hard, her driver Joey Bones arrives and is immediately stunned at the site of the mammoth mammaries of Dippd. And as they drive, Dippd is clearly ready to relax as she pulls out those huge tits along the drive – nicely massaging them and showing all of their exuberance to the shock, amazement, and love of Bones. And sensing an opportunity, Joey Bones requests to use the facilities of Dippd once they arrive. She agrees and from there we are just bombarded with…if their ever was such a thing – big titty overload.

Dippd’s huge giant tits are the focal point of the entire scene, as they should be. And once the action goes inside, the titties are out and in full effect. With so much attention being paid to them & with more of Dippd massaging them and caressing them, and then Joey joining in to honor those titties for being so big and beautiful with nice titty sucking action.

But we all know, Dippd fans especially, that huge titties is just one part of her sexual skillset. Dippd’s dicksucking is done & mastered with her own specialized technique. And while we do not know the secrets of it..we do know she sucks powerfully & lavishly with an outstanding glaze effect. And Joey Bones is in pure bliss as Dippd puts her succulence upon him. Nothing like looking down and seeing those beautiful eyes and huge tits of Dippd looking back at you, as she pulls dick into her mouth with that good head.

And of course with great head comes great responsiblity. Joey Bones, takes that responsibility and begins to apply the long dick work to the pussy of Dippd from behind beautifully. And its clear that Dippd is enjoying the dick of Bones, as it stretches the depths of Dippd. And again like we said earlier, the focus is the titties of Dippd (…as they should be), and watching Joey hold and handle those huge fucking titties of Dippd as he pushes dick flawlessly in and out of her pussy is great visual imagery. But even better than that is just watching those tits bounce and sway with from the thrusts of Bones. Pure poetry in motion

And there a variety of positions that Dippd goes through, including a very nice missionary session; but perhaps the highlight for us…is of course Dippd N’ Redd’s reverse cowgirl. This is just simply creme de la creme action. It always amazes us when we see beautiful bbws with huge tits & fat pussy, bouncing on dick balls deep and just watching those huge giant tits submit to the sheer mercy of the force of gravity. And Dippd’s cowgirl action is just fucking incredible – the areolas of this woman are just so damn incredible. You can’t take your eyes off of them, with the exception watching her greedy pussy gobble up the long dick of Joey Bones. All of that working together, just allows Dippd to put on the perfect symphony of thickness, big titty supremacy, deep dick bouncing, which all comes together in an excellent deliciousness.

An overall nice scene, Dippd’s fucks and takes dick wonderfully. While not fucked with the hardcore intensity that really makes Dippd shine and turn up like she is known for on the dick…the long dicking action of Joey Bones is a very nice showing. There are some editing snafus within the scene that does break up the continuity and the flow, but…the Dippd’s titties tends to make up for that somewhat. Those titties are just awesome. A nice scene with great highlights, and just nice titty action galore. Head over to PlumperPass.com, Join Up, and Enjoy!

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