Diamond Monroe Does Stunt Work on Slim On PinkyXXX.com


Its always a good day when we see the lovely & booty-full Diamond Monroe, and its an excellent day when we see Diamond Monroe on PinkyXXX.com putting in work. And she is back, once again, to deliver another banger…as she is paired up with the talents of Slim Poke to deliver a bomb ass head session.

In this dicksucking-only Banger, Diamond Monroe calls up Slim to deliver a batch of some of Cali’s finest vegatation; only a she forgets to stop at the ATM for payment. But she has another idea that can more that supplement payment in this case – and that’s all that ass, followed by a stunt session of good dicksucking. And that’s exactly what we get.

We have always marveled at the incredible-ness of Diamond Monroe & all her goodness that she brings when she performs. And she brings a whole heap of All-That-Is-Incredible to the dick of Slim Poke as she fellatiates with signature technique. One of the great things we love about this scene is how Diamond Monroe is uninimidated by the dimensions of Slim and put an extra pristine finish on the dick with her sucking.

With an overall run time  of almost 14 minutes – and the actual sucking coming in at around 9 minutes – this is rather a short, but very nice head session. We are hoping that its the appetizer to a full on fuck scene between the two. But, short or not,  Diamond Monroe on the dick is always a must-watch. Head over to PinkyXXX.com, join up, and enjoy.

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