DesirableBottom the Hottest Canadian Pawg


I am pleased to share with you my interview with the sexy curvy Desirable Bottom.

1. Introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m DesirableBottom the Hottest Canadian Pawg On The Web.

2. How did you get started in the business?

I got started in the business in 2004 after I finished High school & while I was in college I was looking to make extra money so I googled online professions. It was a dream of mine to get into Modelling/Magazines. I started Webcam Modelling /Shooting Content for my Official website.

3. How long have you been in the business?

15+ Years

4. How did you come up with your name?

Someone close to me gave me the name.

5. What are you most known for (sexual specialty, body part, silly skills)

My youthful looks, charming personality, phat ass, Dirty Talk, Being a Switch (Submissive & Dominant) Squirting, Sex machine, Ass worship, Anal.

6. What types of content and services do you offer the fans?-

Custom Content, Ass worship, Different Size Dildos, SloppyBlowjobs, Dancing on Stripper Pole, Oil Feet/Footjobs , POV content, Fetish play, Nipple Clamps, Moaning Names, Riding, SQUIRTING & DP Sex Machine.

7. What has been your most exciting accomplishment as an adult entertainer?

Being Nominated for Numerous Awards in the industry.

8. What would you say is something you would like to change in the adult industry?

People to Stop Pirating content that we work so hard to create, Models working with more Models, Making it a safe all around environment for everyone. Models Having the Rights to their content when shooting with companies.

9. Do you have any fetishes?

Oral Sex, BDSM/Bondage, Tease & Denial, Sex Machine, Spanking

10. Name something(s) that are on your bucket list both sexual and non sexual.

Travelling the world, Enjoying Life & Working with other models at Adult conventions all over Globe, USA & Canada.

11. Do you find it difficult to date or find love as an adult entertainer?

No, I’ve always been upfront & honest with men I’ve dated about my profession. Most think it’s a turn on.

12. Do you squirt?

Yes I Do💦

13. Have you learned anything sexually from being in the adult entertainment industry?

Everyone has their sexual limits, It’s OK to tell people No, that you don’t offer certain services. Don’t lower your standards to please others, To Be Confident In your self whatever Shape & Size you are.

14. Who is your favorite male & female adult performers?

@MandingoXXXstar ‏@LexSteele11 @therealpinkyxxx ‏& @cherokeedassxxx ‏

15. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you visit and why?

Hawaii, Jamaica Both Warm beautiful islands.

16. How many adult toys do you have?

over 100+

17. Craziest thing to happen during a shoot or cam show?

Squirted Everywhere & ruined all of my electronics.

18. Have you ever been to an adult convention? If so, share what your experience was like.

Taboo Sex Show Toronto, ON Canada. Love Interacting with fans on a more intimate level, Enjoy Taking Photos with them 1on1, Giving out Autographs/Photos & Selling merchandise that’s my fans can purchase.

19. Tell us what all your website features, and why we should join.

I’m On Live Cam Daily, You can sign up as a Free member and check out what I have available in my Videos/Photosets/Store which is updated frequently. If you enjoy what you see you can Sign up for a 1 month (Access to all of the shows in the VNA Live Network! That is over 60+ hours per week of live cam shows! *Personalized Video Welcome Message*), 3 month membership (comes with Special Perks: Your Own #IHeartDesirablebottom T shirt OR Bottle Opener, Access to My Premium X Rated Snapchat) Annual membership (Special Perks:Your Own #IHeartDesirablebottom T shirt, Bottle Opener OR Mug, Access to My Premium X Rated Snapchat, Access to all of the shows in the VNA Live Network! That is over 60+ hours per week of live cam shows! *Follow from my personal Twitter @Desirablebottom *Personalized Video Welcome Message*)

20. You get 3 items on a deserted island, what are they? Shelter, Fire, Water

Thank you so much for answering my questions DB!  To join her website click the banner below!