Damaris Rivera Stunts On The Dick Of Don Prince


Damaris Rivera, always known to drop flames with every release, has made fire yet again in her newest addition to her catalog on BBWHighway.com as she takes on Don Prince for an incredible showing that shows just why she is becoming one of the genre’s most fiercest.


From the moment Damaris Rivera entered the biz years ago, establishing herself quickly as one of the genre’s more diabolical head specialists on the “amateur head circuit”, eyes were on her. And as she begin to show her ability to not just destroy dicks with the head game, but the pussy game too – it was only a matter of time before would establish herself as a true force amongst herself to be recognized within the genre.  And in this scene, I think we can all say that she has done just that with no signs of slowing down.

In this latest scene from BBWHighway.com is squared off against woodsman, Don Prince for an epic battle of pure lust. And this scene, we noticed something a little different in Damaris’ sex game. Granted she has always possessed the one thing that separates good adult actresses from great adult actresses – and that’s genuine love for their craft – but, their seems to be that raised with some great elation and more…carefree-ness for lack of a better term. The fucking while filled with heat, is also filled with joy and delight – almost like an evolution in her style. Of course, we can attribute some of that, at least half of that to Don Prince who reaps the benefits of Damaris RIvera’s now notorious & worldwide head game & pussy, but we may be seeing Damaris fully embrace herself as that force we mentioned. And its great to see her comletely naked too (minus the sucks), believe it or not this actually kicks the scene up a few notches visually, and adds to the carefree-ness we mentioned earlier.

This scene is an awesome “W” in Damaris Rivera’s growing catalog of great scenes. Head over to BBWHighway.com – PURCHASE THE SUBSCRIPTION – Damaris Rivera is here, period.

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