Damaris Rivera Artfully Fellatiates King Beef


Damaris Rivera, the amateur talent with the professional grade head game…a head game so crazy that it has become THE notorious trademark of her entire sexual arsenal. With good reason, for any one who hasn’t had been living under a rock these past years can know the damage Damaris Rivera can deliver to even the mightiest of dicks who try and withstand the pleasure from her dicksucking ability. That damage is an intensely sobering cumshot that leaves the dick of her co-stars exhausted, its balls drained, and his knees weakened, as well as Damaris’ body coated pints of pure cum….or what we call…”a flawless victory“.  Keep in mind, we haven’t even mentioned the pussy.

But, what happens when Damaris Rivera takes on the Mighty King Beef in a battle for sexual exstacy – well Rick Nasty of NastyNYAmateurs.com shows us this battle in the latest release. We see Damaris Rivera pulling out all the techniques in an attempt to try tame the monster dick of King Beef artfully & orally as only she can, working her lips and mouth on the dick with the time tested expert skill of Obiwan Kenobi weilding a light saber.

And almost as if it were payback for giving him this incredible head, King Beef delightfully destroys the pussy of Damaris Rivera, with her enjoying every inch while amazed at its dimensions. But who conquers who….?

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