DaHeadGiva Returns – Notorious Reality Oralist Mz. Giva Prepping Huge Comeback!


True Aficionados of theSuxLife (the dicksucking/oralism culture/lifestyle), remember at time when the culture was not even fully in its infancy – the works & suck of one particular woman that was known throughout the underground scene as a dedicated dicksucking prodigy.  A woman ( and their were relatively a few at that time) who decided to take the lead and spearhead the beginnings of what would be the all-head dicksucking lifestyle & carry it on her back by producing a slew of classic amateur head game shorts…that woman was undergound legend – DaHeadGiva, aka Mz. Giva!

Mz. Giva became one of the original pioneers of theSuxLife culture – her dicksucking sessions gave a gritty & real reality to the love of the World’s Greatest Artform…which was largely unseen & unheard of at that time. At that time dicksucking was being dolled up as an accessory to sex for the most part by the major studios, with the exception of a one or two studios (- ShoutOuts to Darkside Entertainment & the “Just Don’t Bite It” series). Mz. Giva was one of the few who broke that mold, and put her intense dicksucking  on her own platform,  where here dicksucking was the feature focus. She made hundreds of flix, & clips as well as became also one of the first to feature other accomplished underground & unknown head specialists and introduce them to a broader audience  of the course of the early to mid 2000s, before taking a break around 2016.

Well – it has been confirmed thta Mz. Giva is now preparing a come back to the culture she helped put on the map. And is back with a vengence – we are understanding that she setting up and putting things in motion and bringing back her brand, DaHeadGiva, and with it is looking to find, promote, and showcase the great & greatest underground & amateur unapologetic oralists to bring that no holds barred gritty & excellent dicksucking that she has built a reputation for bringing; as well as looking for the biggest amateur dicks to be sucked on and orally destroyed.

We are super excited at this news, and the team from DaHeadGiva/DaHeadGiva.com have once again confirmed that this is indeed true. All we can say is that this shit dicksucking ish is about to be get even realer for 2018. And we can’t wait to see the new that Mz. Giva is ready to bring, along with whoever she brings out. As any fans of Mz. Giva know – she is absolutely serious about her dicksucking. And this return is going to mark a huge plus for the dicksucking culture this year.  Follow Mz. Giva on Instagram@MzGiva , and Twitter@MzGiva

As always we will bring you more news as we hear it. And just a reminder for those who have forgotten how Mz. Giva gets down…