Da Butt Returns To 50InchesOrBetter.com To Shut It Down!


The 8th Wonder of the Supreme Donk World, “Da Butt” –   – makes part two of her glorious return on 50InchesOrBetter.com with another pictorial that just makes you question your reality as it once again displays just how magnanimous this woman’s ass truly is, along with her overwhelming total package of beauty, thickness, and everything else that makes you just say “DAMN!”

Rocking the popular red, black, & white flannel undies, Da Butt just screams everything thats right in the world with her latest pictorial. That the clothing doesn’t compliment that ass, most definitely that ass compliments the clothing. Huge shoutouts to the good folks over at 50InchesOrBetter.com for making this happen yet again. The Legend of The Notorious Butt continues…

Head over to 50InchesOrBetter.com – Join UP and witness one of the most divinely constructed women in history – Da’Butt!!!


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