Da Butt Asstounds The World Again on 50InchesOrBetter.com


(Scratching Our Heads) I mean….#GAWDDAMN man! Da’ Butt, Da’ Butt…I mean what else can be said about the undefeated 8th Wonder of the World & Pound For Pound Biggest Ass in the Known World!?!? Our brains are just in overload trying to process this modern marvel of superior divine donk design.

But…the good folks over at 50InchesOrBetter.com have done it again. The pioneering megadonk site has release its 3rd showcase of the one & only Da’ Butt, and as expected – the world has gone bananas – once again. And like so many of her monster donk peers, no matter how many times you think  you have seen Da’ Butt and all over her unbelievable ass…every new glimpse is just like the very first…you can’t help but stare in bewilderment. Which is exactly the point.

Da Butt has release another grand series of spectacular shots, and she is making it known that she has the absolute biggest ass in the world pound for pound by far. Which is a conversation & debate that we will not get into right now…but all that we will say is that 50inchesorbetter.com put together another phenomenal shoot featuring “the 8th Wonder” as we like to call her. Capturing all the righteous angles, just as they need to be captured.

We just need more and more of Da’ Butt – seriously. Like every damn week we need new ish from this woman. But Head over to 50InchesOrBetter.com ! Join Up, and witness the woman who will undoubtedly go down in as Legend in donk history…Da’ Butt – Follow Her on Instagram/Twitter@IAmDaButt !