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One of the favorite and most exciting new talents to watch in Voluptuous XXX has without a doubt been Crystal Blue. Since her start on this journey of professional fucking and sucking she has truly been a marvel of excitement to witness. With her so-much-ass that simply just boggles the mind still, and those eyes through dark frames that gives off that average every girl-next-door look…its been clear from the beginning that she is a woman that is set to make waves in this industry…and the main reason being…Crystal Blue simply loves, LOVES, Sex & Dick…period. And it is that lust for sex separates her from many of the new talents, as well as many long standing veterans within the genre. And she is back, on, to showcase what true lust energy is all about in her latest scene where she goes on an all out suck and fuck onslaught on the dick of Don Prince.

From the words action and the start of the scene, and behind all of her genuine positive energy, it is clear that Crystal Blue has a purpose in mind, and that is to suck and fuck, and suck and fuck hard and heavy. Once Don Prince releases the dick from the captivity of his pants, Crystal Blue wastes no time in savagely imprisoning it deep within the captivity of her lips, mouth, and throat.

Watching the skill & technical expertise in the way that Crystal Blue devours the dick of Don Prince is something that deserves to be marveled at. You can feel her sexual energy from her blowjob directly through the screen. And she just looks so adorable ferociously eating up the dick.

And with that term ferocious, we go into her fucking which is on the same caliber and level as her immaculate head game. Crystal Blue knows how to take all of that ass & allows it to be handled well as Don Prince goes beast mode on her pussy. Seeing all of that massive ass get fucked with reckless abandon, along with the overall beauty of this woman is what has made, and continues to make Crystal Blue, not only a fan favorite, but an industry favorite as well. This woman simply looks smashing getting smashed, and she loves every moment of it.

Crystal Blue is the truth in this voluptuous adult entertainment world. And her unique style of sex, as well as her own brand of energy that she brings to this scene makes it an absolute must-watch. And Don Prince & her chemistry shines through in this hardcore doggystyle & pound fuckfest. Crystal Blue’s greatness in this biz is already confirmed…and we cannot wait to see even more as she continues to build upon this successful scene.

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