Crystal Blue Gets A Thick Dick Delivery In Debut Scene For PlumperPass


We have all been there, walking through the mall and then out of the blue you see a fine, gorgeously stunning & beautiful bbw who’s curves just demand your attention & eyes draw you in – and the first thing that comes to mind is…”I would fuck the shit out of her!“. Especially if that “her” is the delightful, Crystal Blue, who makes her debut on PlumperPass in fantastic fashion as she simply showcases her love for big dick when she faces the thickest dick in porn, Jovan Jordan, in her latest scene entitled, “Delivery Out Of The Blue“. And lets just say that, Crystal Blue over delivers in one raging intense fuck!

Doing some last minute shopping we find Jovan Jordan at the mall with his eye the ass of Crystal Blue, which is a mighty big and fine ass indeed, but also he has his eye on her booth in which he is interested in a particular shirt she has for sale. But when Crystal Blue explains that she has none in his size, she offers to deliver him a fitting shirt, all he has to do is give up the contact info. After doing so, we quickly see Crystal Blue’s sexy ass on her way to Jovan’s place to give up a little more than just a shirt, more like a whole lot of ass and some fierce dicksucking to go along with it.

If there is one great act, and there is more than one, to take from this performance from Crystal Blue, let it be this…this woman loves to suck big dick. And it show. From the moment Jovan Jordan releases “the krakken” (Clash Of The Titans reference) from his pants, Crystal Blue is totally in love with its dimensions and immediately proceeds to loving and worshiping that dick with deep mouth stretching sucks and attempted swallows, all with great zeal and appreciation for its girth and size. And its just so refreshing to watch this beautiful women go dickdrunk and just feast on the penis of Jovan Jordan. It makes one proud, and jealous at the same time because of Crystal Blue’s determination to conquer this dick,

But the action of this woman does not simply stop at her ravenous dicksucking, no, the action only increases once Jovan Jordan proceeds to stuff Crystal Blue’s phat pussy full of fat dick. It is quite wonderful to see such a stunning collection of assets as Jovan Jordan fucks the hell out of Crystal Blue – we get to see all of her assets on display so nicely – the big belly that bounces as she gets the dick, those cute small yet full breasts with erect nipples from her dicking…and of course all of that huge massive ass that is just excellent to see as Jovan stuffs her from behind. But the definite highlight of the scene is when Crystal Blue goes cowgirl and just rides the hell out of that dick. Witnessing all that ass bounce and just simply be in motion as her greedy pussy swallows all of the thickness of Jovan Jordan’s wood ,and watching that pussy just cream and juice up the dick with every bounce is just great porn.

A very good showing by the big, sexy, and beautiful Crystal Blue. Her dicksucking and hard fucking action is just a feast to observe. She definitely shows she can handle the biggest dicks in the business, as few come quite as big as Jovan Jordan. A nice performance by both as the deliver a scene that you should definitely check on by buying a subscription. No doubt if you were not a Crystal Blue fan before, you will most certainly become one now.