Crystal Blue Devours The Dicks Off Don Prince x Mr. Stixx on


The turn-up has been real for Crystal Blue for 2019. She has been sucking and fucking with great gusto all throughout the game. Destroying dick after dick with flawless suction & pussy work, she has built and been building herself to be where she is right now – one of the games most fun to watch talents as well as great fuckstars. One of the most exciting BBWs in the business – Crystal Blue is nothing short of dick devourer – whether it be through her mean head game which allows her to gobble up dicks no matter the size nor number, or that just as mean pussy which commands dicks to go all out due to its sheer goodness – Crystal Blue has arrived…and in this latest release from the good folks over at BBWHighway.comCrystal Blue is put through the paces of XXX’s most proficient dick dastardly duo pf Don Prince & Mr. Stixxx; and it is simply a work of lustful art as Crystal Blue shines hard in this hardcore threesome & #CertifiedBanger of a scene.

The action, the excitement, and the skill of the carnality throughout this scene is almost instantly on go from the very start. We have the lovely Crystal Blue, ass big as all out doors with Don Prince & Mr. Stixx positioned strategically on each side of her – and as soon as the dicks come out – Crystal Blue goes on the offensive – quickly gobbling up, and swallowing as much dick as she can over and over with an glee & glow about her. The enjoyment is more than obvious as she switches form Prince to Stixx from Stixx to Prince just indulging her need for black dick in her mouth while at the same time flexing her Sux skills with great sloppy artistry. If you have never seen, but always heard about Crystal Blue love and ability to eat good dick – then scene is double #MUSTSEE for you – because she does it practically all scene long, with dick going HAM in that pussy every stroke of the way.

…and speaking of going HAM in that good pussy, that is precisely what Don Prince & Mr. Stixx bring to Crystal Blue for the entire scene. From a couch doggystyle that has Crystal Blue taking piston pounding strokes of Mr. Stixx while she devours the dick of Don Prince, all the way to a couch missionary which has the great Crystal Blue on her back sucking down the dick of Mr. Stixx while Don Prince pile drives his own dick deep into the deepest depths of that good pussy – Crystal Blue takes it all and wants even more and more. She transcends from performer making a great scene for the fans to “Crystal Blue Fucking These Dicks For Her Damn Self & The Fans Get To Witness It”.

One of the highlights for is us is when Crystal Blue goes Cowgirl style, and just throws all of that so-much-ass on the dick of Mr. Stixx while suck down completely the dick of Don Prince – and it is at this moment when we realize that Crystal Blue is not running from the fucking of these two lumberjacks; for they normally destroy the pussies of all they encounter; she is taking them and enjoying them – and fucking back just as hard as they are delivering. All the scenes of a true fuckstar indeed!

Crystal Blue combines with & the penile power of Don Prince & Mr. Stixx to deliver a true #BANGER of sex crazed proportions. We call it sex crazed because Crystal Blue morphs from pornstar to nympho quickly and just goes all in. And it makes this scene a great notch in her expanding catalog of great fucks. Head over to NOW – Join UP – and witness the future of voluptuous XXX and all of its glory – the outstanding Crystal Blue!

Crystal Blue Conquers All


Crystal Blue delivers a great all out suck and fuck. Putting her salicious blue-collar oral skills to work all throughout the scene, and fucking the hell out of dick while at the same time taking the deepest hardest pound outs from the duo of Don Prince & Mr. Stixx. Great energy from all involved, and the total lust of the scene is very high. We see Crystal Blue in nympho-mode and it is great. Great work from the talents of Prince & Stixx and overal great production from

  • HEAT 8
  • ACTION 9
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