Cristina Negron Displays Her Beast Mode

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Since Cristina Negron stepped into the XXX arena, and #PHATNation you know this, we said this woman has all the makings to become a serious problem on the XXX scene. And a serious problem she is yet again in her latest scene on where she teams up with Nasty Network woodsman, YG Strokes to deliver her infamous orgasmic head game, along with her trademark huge jumbo titties!

The head game of Cristina Negron is just always glorious to watch. In fact she is making a huge mark in on the fellatio sub-genre of the game due to just how ferocious her dicksucking is. Her head game is just so genuine and fierce – and it comes across obvious that she enjoys the head that she is manuvering upon YG Strokes. Her style is unique & exclusive to her,  which makes her even more fun to watch when she drops new material. And in this latest addition to her catalog, she once again delivers a top notch head performance.

But the added bonus that we get from this is the amazing breasts of Negron, the sheer size of them and how they add to the already visually goodness of her sucking and taking a pounding from YG add to the overall niceness of this scene. And we can tell the pussy is good indeed the way Negron takes such a pounding. Favorite parts of the scene in particularly is where we see Cristina Negron in missionary with the camera overhead – showing us the full range of big titty goodness going on as our eyes struggle to choose what to focus on – her left titty, her right titty, that pussy getting long dicked, or her face as she enjoys every moment of it.

Cristina Negron is pure fire as always. With world class head (theSuxLife approves of the niceness of her head game), the way she puts her lust into action in her scenes, and those titties – Cristina Negron once again shows you why she is primed and ready for this industry. Head over to and witness the skills of Cristina Negron!

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