Could Long Anticipated Collaboration Between Da’Butt & Mz. Booty Finally Be In The Works?!?!


In the climax of the origins of the Monster Donk Era their were no two names that reigned higher than those of the Supremely SuperDonked & Iconically Ass-ed, Mz. Booty & Da’Butt. And to this day, they will go down as owning two of the biggest asses to ever grace the world of Adult Entertainment – and the world period.All throughout their careers in adult/xxx, as each one continued to drop scene after scene of mind-boggling greatness – one question always remained….when will we finally see these two phenomenal talents & ginormous asses come together for a project?!?! Afterall, there are few things that are as guaranteed in life as the hit that such a scene or project would result in, not to mention the monies to go with it.

Well, it seems that, now, finally all this time later – we may be on the cusp of seeing that collaboration happen. A source close to the situation has made mention that the two powerhouse donks have recently been in communication within the last few days about doing a project, possibly projects, as early as late 2019, into 2020. And while details have not been made clear about what these projects would entail specificially, it is said that they will most definitely be of the adult/XXX variety – though to what degree has not been discussed yet.

We certainly hope that this is not just a mere rumor but it happens. This titanic collaboration of the biggest asses the industry has ever seen has been needed for the past 10 years, in fact it should have happened 10 years ago. So yes, we are eagerly hoping this is true, and waiting even more eagerly to hear more from this.

Tell  us what you think PHATNation – Are you excited to see a possibly adult collaboration/s with Da’Butt & Mz. Booty?!?!? –