Could A Superstar XXX/Supreme Diva Collabo Be In The Works?


What do you get when you combine two of the absolutely most historic biggest asses in XXX history – the canyon deep ass cheeks of Superstar XXX & the 100 inches of pure unadulterated donk of Supreme Diva, & combine them with skilled woodsmen, and put them all together on camera – you get perhaps one of the most anticipated & wanted collaborations in voluptuous adult history!

Well…the intel is out that such possible collaboration may be in the works. Word is that the talents of Superstar XXX & Supreme Diva may finally, after all this time, finally unite to put together a feature of epic proportions, both literally & figuratively. Talk about Donk City!!!!

Now details are still sketchy – but there was some…for lack of a better term evidence from a twitter convo between these two Donk Queens:

Now first off let us say that we here at PHAT are fucking hype over the possibility of this happening. This has been a collaboration that fans have been wanting since these two introduced those ginormous asses into the game years ago. And with so many…hell we will say it, common sense collaborations that made hella since (& would have made hella money) that shockingly haven’t happened, these two titans of ass coming together would prove once in for all that when you give the fans what they want…good things happen to all.

Secondly let us say – that asses of this magnitude would have to be done right, and we know it will be. As much as all of us would love just one scene…something like this deserves its film/DVD a 2+ hour feature. Yes, both Superstar XXX & Supreme Diva could have their own boy/girl scene on it, throw one or two new faces in it for a major appeareance…but the coup de grace would have to be Superstar XXX & Supreme Diva together taking on two dicks at the same time. Hell both of these women are fellatio masters and to see them side by side, or back to back sucking dick…that is awesome shit…but Da Vinci-ian imagery that we would have to see…is both of these women riding dick together side by side….

….just seeing the biggest asses bounce on some dick together…if ever there was a must…it would be that image. We have ideas just pouring in our head at how epic this would be.

…But, as we said so far…this is just pure rumor & intel at this point mixed with our two cents. What we do know is that the interest around voluptuous adult grapevine is at an all time high surrounding this possibility. I mean what gentlemens would be up for the task of handling these two mega asses…in perhaps more than one scene – I mean hell that’s well over 150 inches of pure Ass!!! – We don’t know. What we do know is that this could & has the potential of being one of the biggest voluptuous adult films we have seen in years if done right.

We will keep you guys posted on any new news…let’s hope the asses of Superstar XXX & Supreme DIva come together and make history. Fuck that…this MUST HAPPEN!

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