Cotton Cotton x Victoria Secret Cookin’ Something Up Something Special!


The moment has finally arrived…after months and months of speculation, followed by months of rumors, & finally confirmation – it has happened [is happening right now]. The much anticipated collaboration between – The Biggest Titties In XXX, Cotton Candi & the Legendary Monumental Donk of Victoria Secret is finally underway and being done as we speak (rather at the time of this writing)!

Fans of Cotton Candi were delighted when she went live on her Instagram feed which showed her being made up & Victoria Secret making an appearence throughout the feed, which all seemed to be just minutes away from the action.

Fans of both Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret have been anticipating the arrival of this scene since details of its conception came out months ago. Details of the scene have not been fully released, but we were able to obtain behind the scenes work of the scene in the works:

It is clear that Sensational Video/PlumperPass plan to end this year with, what many are speculating to be, possibly one the greatest scenes of the year to end 2017. The specific date of the scene has yet to be released, but sources within the Sensational Camp have hinted at a possible early/mid December release date.

Of course the news gets even better when you count the fact that with Cotton Candi & Victoria Secrets being together for their first joint project together – then that means we are also going to get some solo boy/girl content from the two superstars of Voluptuous XXX as hinted by this behind the scenes shot of Cotton Candi doing what she does best –

As always, PHAT Magazine will keep you “abreast” (yes the damn pun was intended) of when these releases will be availiable.

And as always for all of your Voluptuous XXX News – Stay Tuned to PHAT Magazine!



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