Cotton Candi x Victoria Secret Release #CertifiedBangers As Joint Project Approaches!


The Winter is Here…and the wait is almost over. One of the most heavily anticipated scenes of 2017, the joint collaboration between The Biggest Titties In XXX, Cotton Candi & The Woman with the Legendary Monumental Ass, Victoria Secret is quickly approaching its release date. And as that date approaches these – these two titans of industry, in conjunction with the good folks over at, are bringing the absolute fire as they both drop brand new boy/girl XXX classic flames, each of which are #CertifiedBANGERS…serving as the perfect prelude the much demanded upcoming collaboration. And we are hearing from the rumors that this collabo is a thing of beauty – well if these two new releases from Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret are an indication…then we getting to witness a divine inferno of lust…These two latest releases are pure lust dynamite!

                             Cotton Candi has been on a tear throughout the industry for the entire 2017. Releasing banger after banger with no plans of slowing down – Cotton Candi delivers another classic scene in her newest release as she & the Biggest Titties in All of XXX (& damn they are just so fucking huge) square off with woodsman, King Noire in “Jacuzzi Cum

And lets just fuck the bullshit and come right out and say it – Cotton Candi gets all the hell fucked out of her in this latest release by King Noire! This scene puts the finest qualities of Cotton Candi on full display. We get treated to Cotton Candi soaking in a Jacuzzi tub while taking the time to handle & suck on the biggest titties in all of XXX, while playing with that pussy. King Noire sucking the hell out of those huge titties, and we say sucking the hell out of, we mean sucking the hell out of – King Noire worships those mighty titties by giving a proper tit suck clinic on the unconquerable breasts of Cotton Candi! And after such tit-sucking, its only proper that he devour the phat pussy of Cotton Candi, which he does as he stuffs his entire face inside the pussy. Talk about dedication!

And from there, Cotton Candi wastes no time pulling out the beefcake of King Noire, and proceeds to bless the dick with an incredible talentedly sloppy dick suck. I mean Cotton Candi loses her mind on the dick, choking herself silly on the dick, and not even sparing Noire’s balls from the delightful wrath of her lips and tongue. All setting up for the excellen fuck to come. This is some great fucking,  we don’t often see Cotton Candi quite as fanatic on the dick as she is with King Noire. But we can tell that she is in love with the powerfucking she receives. The doggystyle is incredible, hearing her moans. And she rides the dick like a woman possessed…but the missionary is where it goes into overdrive as King Noire shows no mercy on the Ginormously Tittied Superstar.

This scene is a must-see, granted all of Cotton Candi’s scenes are, but this fuck is intense, raw carnality! Excellent work & pairing between Cotton Candi & King Noire!

….but that’s not all……Victoria Secret Is Returns To Bless The Dick With One of the Greatest Asses of all Time…


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