Cotton Candi x Victoria Secret Deliver Intense Fuck In Anticipated Team-Up Debut


After almost a year in the making, with months of hype, build up & rumor – the most anticipated & long awaited scene of 2017 – featuring Voluptuous Adult Entertainment’s most powerhouse performers – Cotton Candi x Victoria Secret – has finally been released! Today the good folks over at Video have released “Heavy Duty Threesome“; and with tremendous fanfare from the entire fandom of the voluptuous adult community,  it is undeniable that PlumperPass has without a doubt released an instant historic classic. The simple fact that you have two women of such legendary status & outstanding XXX caliber, together in one scene… that by itself is enough to deem this classic material. But even though we can say this is a classic, & even though we have the biggest titties in all of XXX teaming up with the phattest ass ever in voluptuous XXX, after months & months of building, planning, and plotting…the question has to be asked – Does this scene live up to all the hype!?!?! The answer is – HELL THE FUCK YES…but noooooo…let us explain…

Let us be clear, PERFECTLY FUCKING CLEAR, this scene right here, “HeavyDuty Threesome”  is fucking awesome from start to finish. The visuals of these two ladies is so fucking perfect it begs to the question as to why Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret were never paired together years ago. Just to see so much ginormous titty along with so much colossal ass together on these breathtakingly beautiful women is just a divine gift. And what accentuates all that is the AMAZING chemistry these ladies have with each other. Its almost like genuine, yet professional, yet true lust these two have with each other on camera. The chemistry is so good you can almost the see the pheromones in the scene – especially when Cotton Candi gets her titties sucked so deliciously by Victoria Secret, as she gets expertly fucked by, Lucky Bastard, Juan Largo. The chemistry is almost overly perfect – and its that chemistry between Candi & Secret which literally hypnotizes you into this scene. It puts you in a delightful trance, as the action begins, does, and finishes unfolding.

…and speaking of action, this scene brings so much fucking heat there is no way you will not be able to cum at least twice before the scene is finished, & that applies to women as well as men. The dicksucking is a shining point in this scene. With Victoria, already recognized as one of the genre’s most accomplished oralists with her legendary succulent suck style, sucking great dick with the greedy fellatioal appetite of Cotton Candi who is always fun to watch inhale dick with enthausism! This scene brings a hardcore, yet soft-hardcore & damn near sensual feel to it. It blurs the lines beautifully between a great fucking & great sexing. The way Cotton Candi deep rides the dick of Juan Largo, while Victoria Secret sucks on one of the biggest titties on the planet the entire time – never tiring of Cotton Candi’s delicious nipple/s.  The way Victoria Secret receives a relentless stroking by Juan Largo, as she rests her head on the huge titty of Cotton Candi (who’s great titty is literally bigger than the entire dimensions of the majority of pillows) , while Cotton takes pleasure in massaging and rubbing Victoria’s nipples throughout. And to see VIctoria Secret bend over doggystyle while Cotton Candi rests the BIGGEST TITS IN XXX on the PHATTEST Donk In Voluptuous XXX, while Juan fucks all that ass with such passion….the action is just intense!

This lives up to the hype, its is a solid, great scene that you will watch over and over again. The combination of Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret together… is a magic formula for greatness. The chemistry these two show is just off the charts.  Its as if they each power the other up sexually to higher and higher heights to where the lust between them is so high that it can not be contained. At the same time, increasing the sexual energy of any dude blessed with the opportunity to fuck both of these ladies together…as indicated by the tremendous cumshot released by Juan Largo.  Which brings us to the “…but nooooo….” part that we mentioned earlier…

This action was so great that it was, in a way, limited by the scene itself. These two women bring so much heat, passion, and action that even though this scene clocks in at 40 minutes…its still doesn’t seem nowhere near long enough to capture all the heat & action Cotton & Victoria had to give had Juan. In fact he seemed like he might have been overwhelmed by all the thick goodness those two brought The fucking was deep, passionate, and intense…and yet, we were still missing some must-see positions – particularly a cowgirl with Victoria Secret…we have got see that ass riding. In a way, its almost as if this scene was like a part one to a continuation of “Heavy Duty Threesome” – and no, we aren’t implying that there is a part two or anything remotely close….maybe we are just greedy, but its the great Cotton Candi & the ass-tounding Victoria Secret. These two make NUCLEAR FIRE in scenes with just them individual…so you know a scene together would be just what this scene was…an explosion of pure FIRE!!!

As we said this scene was awesome….and one of the best of the year. The combined powers Cotton & Victoria bring is supreme, and make this scene an absolute BANGER. This is history in the making, DEFINITELY head to, join up…and witness pure summer in the winter.

The Verdict:


Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret exceed expectations for sensuality, lust, & sexuality so much that this scene can not even come close to containing it all. Incredible visuals, these two ladies are art in motion. Dicksucking is outstanding and the action heavy & genuine. The titties & all that ass have to be seen to believe. However, shaky camera work at times, and even though slightly over 40 minute run time, still feels nowhere near enough to capture such Titans of Industry, and all of what we needed to see. We need to see these two together again real soon - Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret make the ultimate team.

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