Cotton Candi Returns To PlumperPass With Sizzling Fuck!


Approaching a milestone of 10+ years in the business & armed with the biggest titties in the history of XXX, the legendary & future Hall of Famer – Cotton Candi has shattered all records, expectations, & greatness of damn near all in the world of voluptuous XXX; and even with all of that accomplished – she is still showing no signs of slowing down. If anything she is re-galvanizing her power and preparing to ramp up…at least if there is anything we can take away from her latest release from, entitled, “Cotton’s Sex Buddy“. And in this latest banger, Cotton Candi once again why she is, has, and always will be one of voluptuous XXX’s most premier and revered talents of all time.

And the plot is simple enough that we will not even get into it because of one reason and one reason only…and that is the sheer beauty of Cotton Candi…AND the sheer size of the biggest titties to ever grace the arts of XXX. Those titties are just simply a thing, or a couple of things of pure awe – and everytime we see them, like the great Norma Stitz, it is like the very first time. And the good folks over at wisely make the choice to make those powerful titties the focal point of the entire scene, as we begin the scene with a great capturing of the curves, titties, and being of Cotton. And from there we begin the actual scene.

Cotton Candi teams up with co-star Sean, to create a very nice #BANGER of a scene in large part to three main things – Cotton’s lust, Cotton’s lust for big dick, and of course – them damn titties.

There is no doubt that Cotton Candi loves big dick, and Sean is packed with it…so as a result the lust that immediately place is thick and heavy as it flows from Cotton Candi’s pores – and that is no clearer in the way she attacks the dick of Sean with such gust. She just sucks and gobbles up dick and balls in her much beloved unorthodox style of dicksucking, its just a beautiful sight to see.

But equally as beautiful is watching the legendary pornstar take dick, and after witnessing some serious titfucking, Cotton Candi is on her side as Sean lay behind her, and then sliding the entirety of his dick deep inside as the biggest tits in XXX history lay all over the bed – making for a very impressive visual of fucking to be sure. Sean makes it a point to go balls deep inside Cotton, as she lay on her back taking every inch as well as giving her own thrusts to accompany Sean’s. And just watching those tits bounce against their own heavy weight while dick fucks that good pussy is so pleasant to the eyes.

But then we are treated to one of Cotton Candi’s true trademarks, and that is her cowgirl. And any Cotton Candi fan knows how magical of a moment this is, and this case is no exception. Cotton Candi mounts Sean, and just to see her enjoy Sean’s dick deep within her loins points to the true love that she has for XXX. And man o’ man are those breasts so mind numbingly…giant! Cotton Candi bounces and grinds on the dick with such enjoyment that you can tell that she really enjoys it. Watching Cotton Candi ride cowgirl, whether it be reverse or regular is always the highlight of any scene she is in regardless of who is in it with her. And from the cowgirl we flow to a missionary last stand – and this is where Sean just simply goes for broke on the good pussy of Cotton Candi. Long and deep strokes only are given as Cotton Candi is in pure lust mode, and Sean strokes away leading to a powerful stream of high-powered cum shots across her face.

Cotton Candi returns in her latest scene to give us a very nice scene, showing once again the all powerful sexuality that this woman has been giving fans around the world for 10 years. And she just gets better and better, and strangely enough the titties seem to just get bigger and bigger. The collaboration between her and Sean in this scene is a solid one and and a must-see. Cotton Candi is back with the swag of a Letterman in this scene – and with this being her first scene for PlumperPass of the year…we have to call this one hell of a warm up for something even better. All we know is this…we love us some Cotton Candi!