Cotton Candi Turns All The Way Up In Hardcore Threesome!


Cotton Candi will go down simultaneously as one of the greatest BBW performers of All-Time & Big Tit Performers of All-Time. She has joined the Pantheon of Voluptuous XXX’s greatest superstars in history. This woman has & continues to break the molds for hardcore BBW sucking and fucking, getting better and better still with every scene she does. Just making scorching hot content all the time everytime. And she brings a prime example of why she is still one of the most demanded XXX actresses in the business she shows all out in this latest release from the good folks over at PlumperPass entitled, “Give Me A Double” featuring lucky bastards, Juan Largo & John!

And that if you haven’t figured it out, yes its a threesome. But not just any threesome, an epic threesome that only the biggest titties in the history of XXX can deliver. And fuck yes, oh how Cotton Candi delivers like a son of a bitch in this feature!

PlumperPass pulls out all the stops here as Cotton Candi seeks and destroys the dicks of Juan & Johnny. Showcasing her wide range of lusts, Cotton Candi displays her love and affinity for sucking dick savagely, fucking dick even more savagely, and sending dicks into a carnal frenzy from the sheer goodness of her pussy, and XXX’s biggest titties. And by biggest titties we mean the biggest titties. No matter how many times we see them, each time is like the very first time…the titties of Cotton Candi are simply breathtaking and always surprise us with their immense dimensions and pure magnificence.

But perhaps just as magnificence is Cotton Candi’s love for sucking the dick. And she Cotton Candi just has fun sucking the hell out of the dicks of Juan & John.  Just watching her perform her tongue manuevers & swallowing as much dick as she can, all while being visually serenaded by those giant titties. It is the classic definition of XXX magic. Cotton Candi sucks these dicks with such zeal and might, going so ham on the dicks its as if she has to be cued that these dicks still have to fuck the hell out of her.

And damn it, Juan and John surely do fuck the shit out of Cotton Candi, and its just organic eye candy to watch this woman fuck these dicks, as well as watch these dicks fuck the hell out of her. And one of the great moments of this scene is watching Cotton Candi’s cowgirl – riding good dick, while keeping a mouthful of dick, while those magnanimous, majestic, and massive titties drown Juan completely. Cotton Candi is a virtual XXX art gallery by herself, with each and every frame of this scene being a masterpiece.

Watching Juan & John have a great time stuffing the phat pussy & hungry mouth of Cotton Candi, you can tell that Cotton Candi’s sex game is flawless, and that the pussy and head is pure orgasmic dynamite.  But of course, its Cotton Candi, one of Voluptuous XXX’s most skilled and proficient veterans ever. And while we could go over each position…they are all fucking excellent.

This scene is a fucking #CertifiedBanger and a Must-See performance that once again deepens Cotton Candi’s name in stone tablets of Voluptuous XXX lore. We hail the owner of the biggest titties in XXX history, as she continues her dominance in her realm of XXX Superstardom, and this scene further proves that her dominance has not weakened in the slightest. Head over to, PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION, and witness one of the greatest of all time do it again!



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