Cotton Candi & DippdNRedd Finally Unite For A Head Clinic


It is rare in this genre that two of voluptuous XXX’s most wanted entertainers come together to create – and that is why we are psyched as hell about two of the biggest breasted entertainers in all of XXX finally coming together on What was rumored, and whispered about for the longest has finally unveiled itself – as the Legend & Biggest Titties in XXX, Cotton Candi, has linked up with the UberBusty Oral Assassin/FuckStar, DippdNredd for a fantastic dicksucking exhibition in “Naught Twice”!

And yes, you read us right, we said dicksucking exhibition – and we know, we know….we know – you see two of some of the most mammarily gifted women our industry has ever seen, in Cotton Candi and DippdNRedd, and you think – “No fucking…wh-, b-bu…h-how…”, but rest assured there is a method to the madness. Both of these women have made a reputation of being fierce practitioners of the fine art of dicksucking…and it is in this scene that these two beautiful ladies put that on display brilliantly with the help of PlumperPass journeyman, Juan Largo.

The scene starts off with some breathtakingly entertaining big titty banter between Cotton Candi & DippdNRedd. It is just beautiful to watch, such big breasted women just talking about the size and greatness of each others breasts, before each takes turns handling, fondling, and sucking each others. In just these short few minutes, you just have to put huge respect on the sheer size of these titties, especially how Dippd, with all of her huge and we do mean huge titties, are just dwarfed by the biggest titties in all XXX,  Cotton Candi’s titties. I mean, it gives some serious perspective just how big these titties truly are.

But the theme of this scene is dicksucking, and lots of it…and damnit Cotton Candi & DippdNRedd deliver that and then some. As Juan Largo enters the scene, we shift to a POV perspective to where see the ginormous breasts of these two ladies, as they settle in and turn into the most dynamic and Biggest Breasts Dicksucking Duo in XXX History! The team work the ladies do on the dick of Juan Largo is superb. With Dippd licking the shaft and balls, while Cotton Candi works the phallus, and then switching positions to where Dippd takes control of the whole dick while Cotton Candi watches in amazement, it is quite the exhibition.

The Tag Team dicksucking is great, but it is when each woman takes turns wrapping the dick of Juan Largo in between their mountainous mammaries that we see the true gift of sucking dick that these ladies possess. Cotton Candi wraps the biggest tits in XXX around the dick of Juan Largo to the point where it gets lost, and works the head of the dick madly. DippdNRedd goes through a little bit of her dicksucking repertoire as she licks, drools, and gets wild on the dick with some help and instruction from Cotton Candi.

A very vivid  entertaining all-fellatio feature featuring two of the biggest sets of breasts on the planet. Cotton Candi bring there dicksucking front and center to the delight of us, and surely to the delight of fans worldwide. It is just unbelievable imagery – and imagery that we are already thirsty for more.  Check out this grand scene on! These two wunderkinds of titty make a great team, and we certainly hope they return in a hardcore XXX capacity next time.