Cotton Candi Brings Her Heavy Artillery For Big Dick!


As the summer starts to come to a close, the good folks over at PlumperPass continue to bring the heat in their newest scene starring, Future Hall Of Famer & the Biggest Tits In All of XXXCotton Candi, entitled “Best Friend’s Boyfriend” for a grand fuckfest where the Biggest Tits meets a Big Dick.

In this new scene Cotton Candi is a woman who has heard lots of good things about her girlfriends’ boyfriend’s talents and abilities, and when her boyfriend John arrives to meet her, Cotton, now instantly reminded, takes the opportunity to see if all the claims were true. Only to discover – that they were indeed and true, which leads to Cotton Candi showing John her marvelous ability to “enjoy” big dick.

Now, if you are fan of Cotton Candi’s work & huge catalog – as this marks her 30th scene for (and that’s just PlumperPass alone!) – then you are well aware of her love of working with big dicks. Her ability to break them down and devour them with her strong head, fuck them with ruthless lust and efficiency…all of that she does with great skill as she has always done – and this scene is no different. And with John clearly loving ever minute of it as he deep strokes the phat pussy, makes for a truly engaging scene that is just a pleasure to watch multiple times. The chemistry is there, the lust is there, and the titties is there which gives you a trifecta of goodness which justifies an excellent scene.

Head over to, PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION, and enjoy! You will not be sorry, as this is another awesome scene featuring the one and only Cotton Candi!

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