Buns4Ever Stunts Magnificently In PinkyXXX.com Return


Bunz4Ever is one of the true phenomenons of XXX. And anyone who knows XXX, as well as life period, knows that phenomenons are quite rare indeed in the world of XXX – which makes them even more amazing when they emerge. Bunz4Ever literally came into the XXX industry and made shockwaves by her swag and of course all of that ass; then those shockwaves grew to earthquakes through the foundation of the industry with her debut on PinkyXXX.com. And after some time of churning the cries of her fans on her OnlyFans page – she has returned to PinkyXXX.com again – and if you thought her first performance for the legendary urban XXX site was good – her latest performance shatters all previous expectations. With the help of the talented & FIRE, Mystique The Goddess, and of course future Hall of Famer, Rico StrongBunz4Ever brings a Bomb Ass Performance – with that Bomb ASS performing something like greatness.

The scene begins – in the words of the late great Bernie Mac – “immegeeiately” – with the beautiful & divine Bunz4Ever & Mystique looking directly into the camera, as if they are almost looking directly at your lust itself. Each taking a very brief moment to show of those plump and beautiful breasts, and of course Bunz4Ever showing off equally briefly all of that ass – but that is short lived. As much as this lust-packed feature from PinkyXXX.com wants to show off the sheer amazingness of Bunz4Ever, & Mystique, it moreso wants to deliver on the action & skills that these two can deliver on dick. And it does with the quickness.

Not even two minutes into the scene, and we see the skills of Bunz4Ever going in on the dick of Rico Strong with some mean & evolved head game. And we do mean evolved – for those who remember in the first Episode of the meeting of Bunz4Ever & Rico Strong – she looked to be intimidated by the  size of the dick. But now, Bunz4Ever is sucking the hell out of that dick with that Lil’ KImI used to be scared of the dick, Now I throw lips to the shit, handle it like a real bitch!dicksucking style, that is just refreshing & so damn joyous to watch. With Mystique getting in on the dicksucking with her own voracious sucking style, she serves as a beautiful assist to Bunz4Ever’s impressive dicksucking magic & apparent love of it. The scene dedicates over 1/3rd plus of its total runtime to it – and we applaud that, because watching Bunz4Ever eat Rico Strong’s dick just screams out “Yes!“.

And every man knows that the head is the bomb when he dives into the pussy face first and just engorges himself on on clit & pussy like hungry babies on nipples. Rico Strong devotes a few minutes to feverishly devouring Bunz4Ever’s sweet pussy – and still high off of the Bomb Ass Head, he has to repay that by slamming the dick deep down in that pussy relentlessly. And we mean relentlessly.

Rico Strong beats the pussy up, smashes it, and goes HAM on it all at the same time, with Bunz4Ever enjoying and taking every bit of it,  Even with her legs spread far and wide so that Rico Strong can stuff every possible centimeter of penis within her sweet pussy, Bunz4Ever takes it all with a love & moans so loud & full of pleasure we wish we could give Rico Strong and fucking pound through the screen.

And the fucking goes from missionary to a 15 minute long admiration of all that ass, as we go from XXX positions that feature Bunz4Ever’s magnificent donk being showcased stricly as her pussy just gets assaulted. Her doggystyle is fucking ferocious. That ass bouncing – its just poetic – it brings out the animal carnality in you by just looking at how all of that ass responds to such a fuck. Not to mention an outstanding cowgirl, that makes the ass bounce and move so much it goes 3D (S/O to the Original 3D Booty Charmin Brown).

And with such a grand oral display from Bunz4Ever at the beginning, there is no better way to end it than with the beautiful Bunz4Ever sucking and swallowing the balls of Rico Strong before he delivers a mighty loaded cumshot in the mouth of Bunz, with her showcasing her oral wizardry by taking it on the tongue and playing with the cum, with the help of Mystique at the end.

A fucking #CertifiedBanger of course – Bunz4Ever shows how she continues to evolve her head and sex game, to go along with already one of the fiercest bodies in the business, to seemingly become one of XXX’s most fierce talents in the business. Great chemistry and vibe throughout with an excellent fucking courtesy of Rico Strong. Bunz4Ever delivers an excellent scene – her greatest scene so far in our opinion – and its Bunz4Ever so of course its a must-see. Head over to PinkyXXX.com – JOIN UP – and witness one of XXX’s most illest! Bunz4Ever is BACK! Special and Huge ShoutOuts are in order for Mystique The Goddess as well, who has a hell of a piece Behind-The-Scenes dicksucking artistry – available only at her Official OnlyFans Page.

Bunz4Ever Goes In Like Never Before!


The latest episode of Bunz4Ever vs. Rico Strong improves even better with their sophomore effort in what is becoming a classic series. Bunz4Ever delivers a fantastic performance on Rico Strong. With more conviction & able to take one of the biggest dicks in porn with more skill and lust - this is a pure Fire #BANGER. Her dicksucking is fierce, and of course that ass is just amazing - with a good performance from Rico Strong in his titanic fuck of one of the industry's most wanted performers. Good runtime at 30 minutes, production values were good for the most part. The colored lighting made for a good effect in the begining but hindered the actual great action from being scene for the first odd minutes, before it was replace with some white light. Overall a #MUST-SEE Fantastic peformance, we are waiting and hoping there will be a least be a trilogy to this.

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