Bunny De La Cruz Goes Into Overdrive In Latest On PlumperPass


After a grand showing from the super thick & fucktastic, Bunny De La Cruz, in her last great fuck a few weeks ago, entitled – “Bunny The Boss” (Read PHAT-Mag.com’s coverage of that scene) – the good folks over at PlumperPass/Sensational Video capture another classic fuckfest once again by bringing the one and only De La Cruz back again for what we can only be described as a continuing of her encore performance. Bunny De La Cruz once again displays herself as one of voluptuous XXX & adult entertainment period’s most consummate fuck stars ever in her latest release entitled “The Friendly Mechanic“.

The plot is simple, Bunny’s car breaks down and she is in need of help, when good samaritan, & little does he know at that time soon-to-be lucky bastard – Johnny Tattoo – walks around the corner to discover the damsel-in-thickness (…get it, damsel in thic—……..we’ll just continue), and offers to get Bunny back on the road with the help of a friend. And Bunny invites Johnny back to her place to make the call…and from there – Bunny does what Bunny does best & completely shows out on the dick, with Johnny Tattoo doing his damndest by fucking her with the spirit of Dirk Diggler himself…

We are treated to a grand fuck between these two – Bunny De La Cruz goes off like Tiajuanin Firecracker from the moment Tattoo’s dick is unveiled from the boxers. And we must give major props to Bunny De La Cruz for her expert level professional dick sucking as she once again delivers an overwhelming experience to Johnny. Swallowing his dick whole repeatidly for at least a good 5 minutes…Bunny De La Cruz’s head game is just magnificence. Not only because of her ability to suck succulently & swallow dick, but because of the attitude she gives when doing it. You can tell that her style and artform with her dicksucking is something she has taken pride in mastering. And it shows. And just as she shows those phenomenal head skills…watching this woman perform on the dick is just the wickedly good. Bunny is a master of all sexual positions and making them all look deliciously good – whether it be her reverse cowgirl which captures those big ripe heavy titties (and damnit Bunny’s titties are so big) defying gravity as her pussy greedily devours dick; or her doggystyle  session where Johnny Tattoo goes bezerk piston pounding Bunny’s sweet pussy while handling all that donk that just wobbles and shakes fabulously; or even her cowgirl which shows just greedy Bunny’s pussy is as the camera captures Bunny just throwing all that ass on the dick of Johnny Tattoo, wanting more and more and more! This woman is just so fucking awesome!

An overall very nice scene from the one and only Bunny De La Cruz who is just going on a tear this year thus far. This scene just shows the just why Bunny is a favorite amongst voluptuous XXX fans worldwide…she has got it all. But of course you know that – so get to PlumperPass.com right now, Join Up, and watch Bunny conquer dick as only she can. And of course for exclusive content from Bunny, check out her website, TheRealBunnyDeLaCruz.com!!!