Bunny De La Cruz Devours Big Dick UltraViolet Style on PlumperPass.com (L.E.)


We do love us some Bunny De La Cruz! Her entire approach and XXX swag that she brings to every scene is just so intoxicating, as is her straight up sex game. This woman fucks & sucks and sucks & fucks with such a great joy and passion; and she brings that passion back and in a new, bold way and look thanks to photographer/cinematographer, RawlHertz, at the helm of her latest scene, courtesy of the good folks at PlumperPass.com, entitled “Plumper Vice“. And this is truly extraordinary as it features Bunny De La Cruz beautifully destroying and taking the big dick of Sean as she always does, while being captured in an neon-infused lighting scheme that screams 80s Miami mixed with Ultraviolet 2019.

The action of Bunny De La Cruz is just fucking excellent in this scene. And normally we like to cover the plot a bit, but we just have to get into it. Bunny De La Cruz is just suck and fuck gold! And with thickness and ass all over, it all just accentuates everything she does in this scene. And we are super thankful that we get blessed with a nice visual tour of the body of this woman. Just watching put those incredible tits and all that ass in motion is just…just so swell.

Enter Sean, who immediately enters the scene and proceeds to tasting, ravish, and manhandle the curves of Bunny, as he should. Taking those plump bountiful breasts out, maneuvering his hands all across her ass, tits and belly, like all of us wish we could. But it is when he release the dick, this is when see Bunny De La Cruz instantly go from seductress to conqueror mode. We particularly love the part where she puts all of that phat pussy in the face of Sean as she handles his dick with care within the sanctity of those luscious tits.

But art is art, and business is business, and no one handles business like Bunny when it comes to the dick…and the way she begins to salivate and suck the man hood of Sean is classic Bunny De La Cruz like we all know and love. We just love how closes her eyes and escapes the room to where she is just one with the dick in her mouth. And the more she sucks the more sultry and energized she seems to get – almost as if the thickness and length of the dick that she explores triggers her lust higher and higher.  Doing her best to deepthroat the monster, Bunny De La Cruz has no fear and just swallows its girth with no regard for air, only dick. This woman is just so nice with it.

But, nothing quite compares to just watching Bunny De La Cruz climb aboard on top of big thick dick and just work that amazing ass up and down the dick. And she brings the incredible-ness here, as she does just that on top of Sean. Watching those ass cheeks move and open, exposing that sweet asshole with every thrust as it fully reveals her pussy gobbling down all of his dick is what make any and every De La Cruz scene.

Bunny De La Cruz’s body is just pure sex magic through the variety of positions Sean fucks her pussy through. One of the highlights of the scene was a modified sideways fucking from behind where Bunny has her one legs parallel to her body, revealing all of that sweet phat pussy as Sean’s dick just stuffs the Bunny’s wet phattness over and over again. It is just good fucking, great fucking, excellent fucking!

Bunny De La Cruz never ceases to amaze, and never ever disappoints; and she has one again delivered another #CertifiedBanger & must seen that has to be witnessed. We do admit that style of the shoot did take a little getting used to. But after watching the scene many, many, MANY times – we do see that how it accentuates the scene just right in way, almost matching Bunny De La Cruz’s fuckstyle to a certain degree…almost like something out of a Marvel movie. But, what cannot be denied is Bunny’s sucking and fucking – as it remains top notch. You must go to PlumperPass.com, Purchase a Membership, and enjoy this incredible woman as she once again brings good sucking and fucking the world. Also, don’t forget to join Bunny’s OFFICIAL WebsiteTheRealBunnyDeLaCruz.com !!!