Bunny De La Cruz Delivers Creme De La Creme Performance In Latest PlumperPass Release


There is no denying it at all – Bunny De La Cruz is one of Voluptuous Adult & XXX’s most dynamic leading ladies…period. The intrigue, the feel, the excitement, along with the well known skills for sucking and fucking the meanest of dick – Bunny De La Cruz brings all these attributes together as only she can to take charge of any and every scene she is in and make it her own. We have seen this time and time again – De La Cruz showing us why she is one of the best in the business; and she returns again, to PlumperPass, to bring us one of her most visually stunning & sensually most powerful scenes & fucks ever. In her latest scene, entitled “Smoking Hot Bunny“, blurs the lines of classic boudoir, softcore sensuality, and hardcore XXX goodness to seamlessly – that makes for one of 2019’s best scenes of the year so far!

This scene opens up with the super thick and geometrically shapely, Bunny De La Cruz, walking into the room, towel draped around her, accentuating all of those curves. And she sees a letter from her boyfriend, played by Kenny Bones, asking her to put on a particularly outstanding set of black lingerie. While in the process of putting on the lingerie, the scene gives us a tour of the mesmerizing curves of Bunny De La Cruz. It is fucking amazing how thick and shapely this beautiful woman is. Then the scene cuts away to a fully dressed, and intoxicatingly stunning De La Cruz in black lingerie with a mask and cigarette in hand. The way the scene is shot just brings all the pieces together so perfectly – the clothing, the body of Bunny, and the colors. It is just stunning. And it does not take long for her man to enter…and you can instantly see the energy of lust build – which is great sign that he likes the lingerie on her. And then…the magic happens.

The tone & the chemistry this scene brings out is overflowing with passion from the very beginning. You can see how Kenny Bones grips and manhandles the soft curves of Bunny De La Cruz that the scent of horniness is in the air heavy. Everything is heavy in the air – the lust, Bunny’s perfectly huge & plump breasts, her even more perfectly huge & plump ass, even the Bunny De La Cruz’s immaculate head job is performed heavily as she she gulps and inhales the thick swollen dick of Kenny Bones. And man does her head game excel on that dick!

Bunny De La Cruz’s head game is just righteous. Her original technique that she brings to Kenny Bones’ lucky member mixes skill, with love, and genuine need to suck it. Its fucking lovely to watch – especially when we get to see those heavy & full plump titties visually accompany an already incredible blowjob.

And of course the only way to follow excellent head is with excellent sex – in which both actors provide each other in this scene. From Kenny Bones purposefully deep dicking the extra phat pussy of Bunny doggystyle, to Bunny De La Cruz performing perfectly on the dick of Bones with an excellent cowgirl that, in our opinion, is a major highlight of the scene. She just has so much fucking ass, and its a bubble ass at that…

Not to mention her missionary, in which we get to see Bunny De La Cruz’s trademark, and no we are not talking about the lovely rainbow, but perhaps the phattest pussy in the history of XXX, which that lovely rainbow so happens to rest proudly upon.

The sex, the chemistry, the production, the vibe, the actors & actresses – all come together make a truly classic scene that will stand the test of time in Voluptuous XXX history. Bunny De La Cruz once again establishes herself as one of Voluptuous XXX’s, not only most premiere sex queens, but also as one of the genre’s top leading ladies – along the same levels of  the genre’s best like Sofia Rose & Karla Lane. This will definitely go down in her already stellar catalog of hits, as one of her many brightest. This is a #CertifiedBanger & Absolute #MustSee. Go to PlumperPass.com, Join Up, & witness greatness – the lovely Bunny De La Cruz!



This Clint Works directed scene featuring the fantastic Bunny De La Cruz delivers & delivers hard on all levels. The production is top notch, reminiscent of early cinema with the slow frame rates. All of which plays well to the heat & action that De La Cruz brings with extra fervor & her co-star Kenny Bones appropriately reciprocates. The dicksucking is superb, and the action is sublime. Bunny De La Cruz fucks dick supremely with an extra level in this scene. A definite #MustSee & #CertifiedBanger from one of XXX's Top Performers - Miss Bunny De La Cruz.

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