BREAKING NEWS: Heavily Ancitipated Cotton Candi x Victoria Secret Scene To Debut Early!


We have just gotten word that, the much rumored & WIDELY ANTICIPATED scene between Legendary Performers – Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret, after being shown to be in the works and scheduled for a late December release date at the earliest – has now been confirmed for a Friday release [ of the time of this writing] for December 15th. And as you and we can already telll judging from the leaked photos we received from a source within Sensational Video…this scene is going to be fucking CRAZY!!!

This comes as a much shocking, yet oh-so-happy-to-hear surprise, as fans worldwide come one day closer to the release of the epic team-up featuring The Biggest Titties in the History of XXX & The Most Ultimate Brickhouse Donk.

Rumours of this ultimate team-up have been all the buzz throughout the industry since August, when it was also rumored that the possibility of a Victoria Secret/Ashley Heart & Cotton Candi/Mandy Majestic project may be in the works. When those details subsided slightly, it was long wondered anything would come out of it. Then rumours came back stronger that a project between Cotton Candi & Victoria Secret may be in the works, may have to be postponed til Q1 of 2018 at the earliest.

Then we got word from a source with actual proof that this project was not only in the works, but ahead of schedule [ see – Cotton Cotton x Victoria Secret Cookin’ Something Up Something Special! ]. And now, with word that this scene is dropping on this Friday…its evident that the fans of PHATNation & Voluptuous XXX world wide have let their voices be heard, and demanded an earlier release of one of the most talked about & most heavily anticipated scenes of the year. We know we are defnitely looking forward to it & we can’t wait to announce it to you. How much are you looking forward to the the team-up of Cotton Candi x Victoria Secret – let us know what you think PHATNation. Leave your Comments below…

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