Presents #MadamButt


The year hasn’t yet to even fully begin and we are already being bombarded with some of the biggest asses ever – but new to the scene is an Ass of enormous proportions brought to us An ass of exreme measurements & dimensions so grand in scale – that it has gone done a full 360 degrees around the adjectives to describe its beauty & massiveness, that it must be called nothing but simply a whole lot of BUTT…and ladies & gentlemen…let us present to you – the woman simply known as “Madam Butt“!

Now massive asses are the trademark of – afterall, it is home of the lovely & unbelivably donk-tastic voluptuous adult entertainer known as “Watermelon Butt“, who truly has ass supreme – but now they have taken and pushed the envelope with their new addition to their roster “Madam Butt“! This woman’s ass is simply a marvel amongst itself. Amost as vast as it is wide, Madam Butt’s donk screams to be bent over and played with out of sheer amazement of its dimensions. It is truly a work to behold – and with asses that huge…the carnal need to fuck the hell out of it is obvious…

Well, no worries there…not only does Madam Butt make her debut on, but she also makes her debut into hardcore…where we are treated to quite a showing of huge ass goodness as that ass is pumped with all the might of 10,000 horny dicks. And to observe this women and that ass take dick is just a pleasing piece of eye candy that simply has to be seen to be believed.

With “Watermelon Butt” putting in excellence in all of her scenes, the addition of Madam Butt, give yet another huge reason to head over and join right now. We can not even begin to wonder the great material this woman is about to produce, but what we do know is that we will be watching her and all that ass with huge interest this year.

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