Berry Gorgeous & Carmen Yung Debut In Stellar Fashion On


Every year the voluptuous adult entertainment genre is blessed with new talent that sets out to make their mark on this industry & simultaneously impress the masses that enjoy this genre  with their grand talents, and as this 2018 starts to get into full effect the good folks of have introduced the debut of two highly skilled actresses into the world of XXX in Berry Gorgeous & Carmen Yung. And these ladies each show that even though they maybe rookies in this game they possess the skills and the talent to make themselves all-stars & fan favorites!

True indeed, one of the themes for this new year in Voluptuous XXX is beginning of a new era – and the talents of Berry Gorgeous & Carmen Yung have already proven that this new era is beginning with quite the bang as they both bring nothing but pure heat and talent in their initial debuts in XXX. Debuts which are sure to spark up fans worldwide, while being the perfect beginnings to their careers & catalogs. These ladies debuts are nothing but straight #BANGERS:

In the immortal words of one of the great American poetic collectives known as the “504 Boyz” – Wobble, Wobble, Shake It, Shake It. Berry Gorgeous brings all the jam, jelly, & thunder in her grand debut as she proudly stunts for the camera shaking what has got to be nothing less than 50″ inches of pure donk goodness before she takes on Woodsman Don Prince.

Berry Gorgeous is a fun talent to watch, there is something about her that is fresh & so enjoyable. Well, not something – a few things actually and one of those things is that she is power fuck talent, meaning she fucks with power and authority. As evident in the cowgirl position where she relentlessly slams her pussy, both entireties of all that ass, along with what ever gravity is left all on the dick of Don Prince. Its hypnotic to watch, she has an excellent command of that booty; but not only that her head game succulent in nature as she sucks with a sloppy intention of pleasure & love for her skill. Berry Gorgeous’ debut is going to make her quick one to watch for for the rest of 2018 with great interest.

The ass alone is simply fucking awesome, and with increase of ladies with the  monster donks making moves within the industry as a whole, yet the decrease of those same ladies making the move to XXX ( many out of things such as fear &/or uncertainty;) – Berry Gorgeous finds herself at a position to possibly to rise quickly in one of the realms of Voluptuous XXX’s most coveted should she choose.

Either way…one thing cannot be doubted….Berry Gorgeous excels with splendor in her debut on We can’t wait to see more.

There surely must be something in the water out there in Midwest, USA – because they have been bringing out some hellified performers that ready to go potential for shine – Carmen Yung makes her debut onto with all the bells & whistles of a veteran, although she is only a rookie. With great skills from the head to fucking, to the overall charisma she brings as she takes on the dick of Don PrinceCarmen Yung delivers a fire scene that has made us a believer already.

There is just something about this Carmen Yung, she brings the total package of uniqueness, originality, pure genuine sexuality, and skill in such an interesting formula…not to mention that she is a hellified squirter as well. She also seems to have originated her own unique head style & technique that it is just joyous to watch her perform as she delightfully performs tongue manuevers while expertly servicing the dick of Don Prince completely, and we do mean completely. She fucks with such focus and such conviction, you would think that this scene was nothing short of destiny. Carmen Yung just may be something special.

One thing is for sure – this scene she brought was bananas and we are already counting down the days till we can get see even more that she has to offer.


…As we said, BBWHighway has came out with guns blazing with the debut of Berry Gorgeous & Carmen Yung – both scenes are pure fire, and we are hoping serves as a tidbit of much much much more to come from these ladies. With the PHAT Freshman Class coming soon – are have definitely put there hats in for that honor. Chemistry was ill, action was ill, the sex was hella ill from both…two dope scenes from this XXX hit factory that you defintiely do not want to miss. So…go to, Join Up, and enjoy the beginnings of what could be a very great future indeed!


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