Asstyn Martyn x Ruby Monroe Blissfully Suck Titty & Bless Dick Of Don Prince


One of voluptuous XXX’s greatest former rookies ever, the lovely & monster donked – Asstyn Martyn, has teamed up with one of the genres most exciting new talents, as well as one of the genres most impressive ginormous titties, in Ruby Monroe to bring together a very exciting & visually eye-candi-fied XXX scene on The term “Ass & Titties” comes to full fruition in this stunning scene as the dynamic duo of Martyn & Monroe bring a literal titty-centric banger & suck x fuck session to co-star Don Prince, while also showing a true titty sucking & breast play classic that is truly a must-see for all, but especially for fans big tits in action.

With a simple but effective plot – its Don Prince’s b-day, and what better way to celebrate than to get a message from two of the most XXX intensive & powerhouse performers, Asstyn Martyn & Ruby Monroe inviting him to the “Tiddy Suite“. And once he gets to the door of the Tiddy Suite, it opens to reveal the two massively breasted women…and from there…nothing of short but pure magic takes place.

Magnificent breasts, breast worship, and breast sucking is the key highlight throughout the entirety of the scene. As soon as Don Prince steps into the suite he is instantly bombarded with pounds upon pounds  upon pounds of glorious titty. Ruby Monroe’s breasts have mesmerized since her first debut into the business, and they mesmerize even more now as she puts their massiveness into the face of Don Prince as he sucks those lovely thick nipples. And with just as much passion, he sucks the mighty heavy titties of Asstyn Martyn – who is known throughout the business for having one of the biggest asses, but its often forgotten that she also has one of the most impressive set of huge titties as well which Don Prince devours with great love.

But while this scene is all about that titty – make no mistake, this is still Asstyn Martyn & Ruby Monroe – two ladies that absolutely love the dick, love to devour the dick, and love to fuck the dick. And both ladies take turns swallowing and sucking expertly, and we do mean expertly the dick of Don Prince. That in itself is an actual pleasure to see. Both ladies take their dicksucking to the next level, and suck with extra enthusiasm in this scene. And we are thinking its because while each one takes turns sucking the dick of Don Prince, the other uses that as an opportunity suck, massage, and handle the others massive titties.  Watching Asstyn stretch her lips around the dick of Don Prince, while Ruby sucks and handles her heavy titties is just joy. And Asstyn Martyn loves sucking Ruby’s titties as much  Don Prince does, while Ruby Monroe just turns up and shows out on the dick of Don Prince.

After such great dick sucking, its time for Don Prince to do what Don Prince does, and that is dick down deeply big ass, and good pussies. He delivers that dick deep into Asstyn Martyn, while she sucks the mammoth sized tits of Ruby Monroe, and get her own huge titties sucked by  Ruby as well, and then they switch to where the roles are reversed – and the titty sucking and deep dicking is still triumphant as Don Prince is clearly in heaven of having two of the most wanted women in voluptuous XXX for himself.

Asstyn Martyn & Ruby Monroe bring a highly delectable and delicious scene which just vibrates sensuality and lust all throughout. This scene plays more like sensual fuck rather than a hardcore fuckfest and its delivered beautifully. Non-stop work from both ladies that focus on each other big titties at all times while the other is occupied with dick in one way or another,  which is how it should be in all MFF scenes. Asstyn Martyn & Ruby Monroe create a perfect combination and we hope that its one that we get to witness again. And of course Don Prince puts on an excellent display of dicking down both of these voluptuous XXX rockstars giving good quality dick as a result of fantastic dick sucking by Martyn & Monroe. A Must-See and a #CertifiedBANGER – and a grand production by – head over, join up and witness, a simply breathtaking collaboration between 3 supertalents!

Asstyn Martyn & Ruby Monroe Excel At Titty Sucking & Sucking & Fucking

7.5 Awesome

Asstyn Martyn & Ruby Monroe make for an excellent tag team duo as they take on Don Prince in a sensual yet still powerful suck and fuck. These two big breasted marvels make sheer artistry with their focus on sucking each others big titties while at the same time swallowing and taking Don Prince's dick. The action is great, the attention that is shown constantly to the sucking and handling of the tits is great. And the passion at which all 3 perform is great. A total great scene that is a must-see for sure & a #CertifiedBanger!

  • HEAT 8.5
  • ACTION 7
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 10