Asstyn Martyn’s Ass Proves Its To Mighty For Jeans In Latest PlumperPass Feature

With the fall upon us and temperatures dropping, its jeans season – and who better to market and sell jeans than one of the biggest asses in Adult/XXX in the great Asstyn Martyn. And that is the premise we get from the good folks over at in their newest Asstyn Martyn feature entitled “Curvy Model Wanted” featuring Juan Largo. And in this classic scene, Asstyn Martyn continues to show why she is one of the voluptuous XXX’s favorite talents by putting together one hell of a fuck/suck session.

Asstyn Martyn answers an ad which turns out to be a modeling campaign for denim company. Upon arriving she discovers that the Producer, played by Juan Largo, is looking for the right ass for their jean line. And after modeling several different pairs from their line, and Asstyn Martyn’s ass looking more and more delicious with every pair – the producer decides to take things up a notch to truly see if the massively grand ass of Asstyn Martyn has what it takes to represent their line.

Now let us be absolutely clear…Asstyn Martyn owns one of the greatest asses in adult entertainment history. We definitely think that is safe to say, with no objections from anyone. So we give a hell yes to the idea that Asstyn Martyn is the perfect fit for any jean company fictional or real. Also, as far as this scene goes…we give a hell yes to the great performance and action that Asstyn Martyn and Juan Largo deliver in this scene. From top to bottom, concept to action, this scene is truly a smash of outstanding hardcore goodness.

Asstyn Martyn performs with pure fire and heat in this scene, We absolutely love her fellatio session where she takes time to swallow and suck the dick of Juan Largo. Just something about seeing those lovely lips stretch around the dimensions of Largo’s dick, while her full huge titties serve as wonderful clevage background. It just drives us crazy. Each suck Asstyn Martyn blesses on the dick tries to go deeper and deeper than the one before. And its just a great visual, and suck job for Asstyn with great angles captured, as she delivers her head game with a hand, and turns it up by going no hands.

But what is it that you come to expect from any Asstyn Martyn scene – her male co-stars going apeshit fucking her phat pussy through all of that magnificently marvelous ass. And Juan Largo, the producer, makes no exception in this one – he absolutely goes crazy on the pussy of Asstyn Martyn. From taking his time and handling all of that grandiose ass of Asstyn for a few strokes before picking up the heat and just destroying that ass from the back. Asstyn Martyn takes those backshots with great enjoyment. Our favorite sequence though without a doubt has to be Asstyn Martyn’s cowgirl peformance. Just watching this beautiful woman grind and bounce all of that ass upon the dick of Juan Largo, and seeing the expression on her face as she does it is just golden, purely golden. The angles that that captures that ass, those tits, and her facial expressions just brings all of her lust from Juan Largo’s thorough dicking together so perfectly. The chemistry between these two excels so well on the screen…and this is not even all of the action on this flick.

Bottomline, Asstyn Martyn makes a classic scene for her growing catalog. She delivers an outstanding performance that is topped by her acting dramatically, and most definitely her sexing XXX-ually. One of her best performances of the year we say. Juan Largo, once again brings a proper dicking to one of the industry’s biggest asses and biggest names, and this one is one to remember and watch over and over. All in all, another classic and notch in the belt of great material from Asstyn Martyn, PlumperPass, and all involved. Replay value of Asstyn Martyn in this is a full fledged 10, and the heat and action is even higher. Check this scene out now, It is a #MustSee. Damnit, we just can not ever, never get enough Asstyn Martyn, and scenes like this are exactly why.