Asstyn Martyn Throws All That Ass On Spider-Man


 Asstyn Martyn…this woman has quickly become a unique force within not only the world of voluptuous XXX, but dare we say the adult industry entirely. Achieving superstar status within her first 7 months, with the aura of a XXX myth or urban legend, Asstyn Martyn has become one of the genre’s most impressive, most in-demand, most big ass-ed (“Ass-ed”…is that a word, well yes, because of this woman we have made it one), most big breasted…most everything that has graced the industry in a quite some time. And its not just the ginormous donk…which we all thought needed its own zip code, til we found it was actually big enough to have its own central bank…; its not only those giant breasts…that seem to be on their way to be moving up to Lexxxi Luxe/Cotton Candi territory one day…its the way she puts it all together with her amazing zeal for sex and lust, to create high quality performances each and everytime that just commands your attention and loyalty to the classics she creates. And she brings us another one, as Asstyn Martyn plays the role of The Black Widow to fuck the hell out of Spider-Man, played by Dorky Darien. And man what an epic battle of epic fucking.

Two words that will always compliment Asstyn Martyn in a special way that almost doesn’t compare to anything else – are “black leather”. Which just hugs the dimensions of Asstyn Martyn so flawlessly. Especially her notoriously fabled enormous ass, which for focusing’s sake we will try to control our mentioning of it, except when necessary (EDITOR’S NOTE: Keyword being “TRY”). Asstyn is fucking amazing in this scene…and the action doesn’t take long to start and escalate in heat rather quickly.

Asstyn just peeling the black leather off of her body is hot in itself, especially as she releases those full heavy & thick nipple tipped titties, but it is when Spider-Man unveils the dick when the action picks up and we are treated to an oral sex frenzy between both superheroes. Textbook efficiency as Asstyn Martyn glazes the dick, with her unique and intricate oral technique, and then powerfully sucks deeply. Greedy hunger ensues as Darien parts the thick hams of Asstyn Martyn to feast famishly upon her phat fat pussy while being serenaded by her moans of approval and pleasure. Like we said, its an oral sex frenzy.

But the power is clearly in the fucking, as Darien delivers superhuman dick to Asstyn Martyn as they both go through a myriad of positions. Every sexual position they enter is filled with powerful and intense strokes & throws. The action is splendid and forceful. The doggystyle is performed as if Darien is calling upon the lust of every single man who has ever seen the ass of Asstyn Martyn to come together to deliver his hard pounding thrusts deep, while he maintains control of the mighty ass cheeks as best he can.

And Asstyn Martyn definitely brings her own brand of thunder with her incredible reverse cowgirl. Slamming that ginormous big ass on the dick of Darien as her pussy swallows it entirely while she yelps at the intense sensations it causes her. And meanwhile the only question we have is how in the hell hasn’t  this man cum yet??? Not only is he getting fucked good by Asstyn, but he is also getting an Oscar-Award Winning peformance by those massive ass cheeks dancing off of the hips of Asstyn!!! Lucky Bastard.

The fucking is just power packed and intense all scene long.  Asstyn Martyn delivers on all levels, and Darien matches her for stroke for stroke. This is a must-see & a #CertifiedBANGER. And we didn’t even mention the way Darian goes apeshit in the pussy missionary style!!!

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