Asstyn Martyn Shows What Its Like To Handle That Ass In Latest PlumperPass Release!


What more can be said about the great Asstyn Martyn that has not been said already? One of XXX’s most voluptuous, fully stacked, monstrously assed, and just visually soothing talents in the business today – with the supreme work ethic of a woman on a mission to carve not only a lane, but a freeway for herself to go down as one of voluptuous XXX’s most dynamic & compelling actresses ever. And even as we say all this, more than likely she is still on to the next project, never one to rest on her laurels, especially after she has given us quite the project in her latest scene from the good folks over at, entitled “POV That Ass”. For in this scene, Asstyn Martyn gives us the closest shot that 99.999999999999_ % will ever have to receiving the ultimate pleasure from this bootylicious phenomenon in POV (Point Of View) suck & fuck that leaves us amazed at the true ability that this woman brings, as well as the pleasure that this woman bring to big dick.

Now to be clear, normally we are not fans of POV XXX…as we feel that it tends to take away some of the visuals and angles that we normally like to see – but we must say, that with Asstyn Martyn’s latest exhibition…she delivers a show that we just cannot get enough of. The sultry that the red haired brickhouse bombshell screams out  loud throughout the entirety of the scene…and really mesmerizes to the point where you feel like you are actually there fucking Asstyn Martyn…minus of course the fact that you are actually not…which is a sad reality that we came to grips with after of course we blew loads and loads from the scene….but anyway…

With a 38 minute runtime, we were already excited – close to 40 minutes of Asstyn Martyn, how could we not be. And the scene starts with Asstyn, in all of her ultimate thickness just sitting and then slowly disrobing herself of all of those garments piece by piece. And just to see this alone just drives us wild, especially when we see her pull off those panties – setting free one of the biggest asses in XXX today, easily in the Top 3!!!

And after the lovely tour of all of Asstyn Martyn’s thickness, we get to the heart of the scene. With the lovely Asstyn giving “us” instructions, guidance, and enjoyment of how to handle her body. And the hands just explore, rub and squeeze the mountainous curves of those huge titties, and even huger ASS! Massaging them bare, and then squeezing and massaging again with oil, all we can do is just imagine even harder that we are handling the assets of this woman in real life!

However, to look into the eyes of Asstyn Martyn, and hear her say “I wanna suck your cock! I need it in my mouth!” is the equivalent of hearing you have won the MegaMillions. The look in her eyes, the lust she has speaks volumes – but the suck show she gives on the dick shows greatness. It is just marvelous to watch the way Asstyn succulently fellatiates the dick with such fluid joy. Watching her expressions change from love to hardwork as she tries to accomodate her mouth to the different levels of the dick – my GEEZ this woman is incredible. She is just eating big dick, and eating big dick good, like she is supposed to. She sucks the balls and even brings those full & heavy tits to assist. Its just so right.

But damnit, the world stops spinning when Asstyn bends over to present one of the world’s greatest examples of perfect ass, and to witness the dick slowly entering to stuff all of that phat pussy from behind…its just the greatest sight. We came so close to literally smacking the ass cheek through the monitor many times. So much fucking ass and its just in your face – bouncing, jiggling…just being so fucking big and massive as she screams and yelps out love of the good dick she is receiving! Then from reverse cowgirl, to where we can see her truly work that ass in standard Asstyn Martyn fashion. Throwing that ass back over and over again, receiving the true long dicking of the penis that is balls deep inside her. True greatness.

One of our favorite highlights of this scene is her missionary – where we get to see that phat pussy of Asstyn Martyn open up and receive and swallow good dick. All the while we are being serenaded by Asstyn’s voice of approval of the good dick she is receiving while watching her handle and control those massive titties as they bounce and sway so heavily!

Yes, we love this scene new scene from Asstyn Martyn & The heat is just crazy from this POV perspective. We get to enjoy Asstyn Martyn in a new way, a new perspective that just makes us love her all the more, even more. Asstyn Martyn brings another A+ fuck to the dick and makes this new scene, like every scene she has done thus far – a #MUSTSEE. We love this woman’s work, and the sex that she brings to it, and there is no doubt that you will too. Check this scene out EXCLUSIVELY on, and of course for even more Asstyn Martyn, check out her Official Website,!