Asstyn Martyn Loves Sean’s Big Dick In Latest PlumperPass Release!


The Asstyn Martyn train is at full speed and going harder and faster, seemingly with each and every week that passes. This woman is putting out fucking awesome & great content and tearing a big hole in the very fabric of the “porn-time continuum” (Editor’s Note: We are trekkies, fuck you.). Asstyn Martyn is just absolutely on fucking fire – and why not…her and those huge, HUGE & HEAVY tits, matched with a beautiful look of lust and seduction, as well as one of the greatest, grandest, biggest asses in the business today…and with her fucking great dick; and you match that with a killer work ethic and it was destined for her to be taking over the hearts, minds, and private parts of fans of voluptuous adult entertainment world wide! And she returns to to bring the gift of FIRE, in her latest release – “Horny For Ice Cream“.

Asstyn Martyn is so fucking hot – we kind of don’t even want to waste time on the plot – because truthfully speaking the intro was just, a beautiful and righteous excuse to get Asstyn Martyn naked and in action asap…and we co-sign that decision so fucking hard. But….at the start of the scene we find Asstyn Martyn outside in the park…rocking some Daisy Dukes and letting the sun kiss the almighty plump proportions of that wonderful, bountiful body. She quickly takes out those huge titties…which always shocks us how big those damn things are…and they are big! And begins sucking on them as she sits on the park bench and then turning around to showcase that monster donk that is straining against the fabric of those shorts for freedom. And of course with such large assets, it does not take long for someone to notice – and that someone just so happens to be Sean Cali…who is instantly locked in to the T&A show that Asstyn Martyn is performing. And after some fondling of those big tits, he must suck them. I mean, you got to suck Asstyn Martyn’s titties right – out of respect for how fucking big and sexy they are – its a must. But it isn’t until, Asstyn turns around and reveals one of the most amazing spectacular asses in the world today, that Sean knows what his mission at that moment is…and that is to fuck the hell out of Asstyn Martyn.

But not before Asstyn Martyn takes some time quickly satisfy her thirst for big fat dick right there in the park. Just watching this woman stretch her mouth to its limits to joyfully suck down as much of Sean’s dick as she can while enjoying reality of his big dick in her mouth, sets a precursor – the the remainder of this scene is going to be epic. The chemistry between the two is already amazing and intense…and Its written all over her face that Asstyn is in love with the dick. And all this is just in the park!

And all that intro leads to an epic fuck once they get back indoors. The action between Asstyn Martyn & Sean Cali is just magnificent – everything just fits so right. The lust is genuine and its real. Once the scene transitions to indoors, the heat intensifies to the point to where its like the scene stops being a scene and becomes reality sex captured. And the dicksucking by one Miss Asstyn Martyn is just so splendid to see. You can tell that she WANTS to just suck the hell out of the dick of Sean. Not giving a damn about its size, but just sucking and salivating all over it. Is fucking amazing!

But what takes the scene to the next level is when we get to see all of that massive ass of Asstyn Martyn assume the doggy style position. A staple in every Asstyn Martyn scene is when a co-star enters the phat and oh-so-fucking good pussy (we have heard that it truly is good indeed) , the male talent suddenly realizes its goodness at first entry…and proceed to fuck while in a complete state of ecstasy and bliss. And Sean Cali is no exception to this trend. As soon has Asstyn Martyn pulls back one of those mighty cheeks, to allow Sean entry, from that moment as soon as the head enters…he knows that this is some awesome pussy, and fucks Asstyn Martyn with a controlled relentlessness. Almost as if he knows that he can’t beat it up like he wants to just yet because Asstyn Martyn’s pussy will catch him quickly. Very smart technical fucking on Sean Cali’s part – to not let that damn good Asstyn Martyn pussy force him into a quick nut!

The doggystyle is just a fucking visual gold. Seeing one of the biggest asses in porn just just bounce as those huge titties hang pendulously, rocking back & forth. Its one of the highlights of the scene. Along with, one of Asstyn’s trademark postions, that fucking cowgirl. In which Sean has fully shaken off all the good pussy jitters and fucks  Asstyn like a man with purpose. And what we love about Asstyn is that when she is enjoying good dick, she doesn’t run from it, she throws that pussy even harder. And she just rocks and rides the dick of Sean DEEP & HARD…!!!

We literally could go on and on…but, why ruin the greatness of the scene. Asstyn Martyn delivers a FIRE scene from start to finish. Her dicksucking, her dickriding, her missionary….all flawless victories. The action between the her & Sean Cali come out fantastic in this scene. And makes for another win in the catalog for Asstyn Martyn as she creates XXX gold once again. Head over to PlumperPass, JOIN UP, this is a MUST-WATCH action packed scene. Asstyn Martyn…all that ass….damn!

9.0 Ass-Tastic!!!

Asstyn Martyn delivers a solid performance that is genuine, or seems genuine to the core. The fucking is intense and impactful with pure lust driving it. Asstyn Martyn's dicksucking is just great to watch, and Sean Cali's pounding of Asstyn's pussy is just the bees knees of what good XXX is. And of course, watching one of the biggest asses in entire business get fucked and, it just makes you emotional in a good way. Great scene! The dicksucking could have been longer, but that's probably us just being greedy.

  • HEAT 9
  • ACTION 9.2
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 9.4
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