Asstyn Martyn Gets Over Bad Ex, By Getting Good Dick!


Ascending into the upper heights of voluptuous XXX, and adult entertainment period is, while not an exact rarity – is still a feat that is only accomplished by the most amazing of performers. Which makes the ascension of MegaDonk Phenom, (& 2018 PHAT Freshman Class member), Asstyn Martyn all that more special. For if there is one thing that Asstyn Martyn has shown the world….well,of course its that one of a kind marvelous massive ass……So if there are two things that Asstyn Martyn has shown the world is that she is an amazing performer who’s ability to make magic on the dick and in scenes improves with every scene that she does. And Asstyn Martyn has come back to bring more of that said magic in another stellar hit of a scene, captured by the good folks over at Plumperpass, entitled “Cheat and Skeet“. (Sounds like my days as a college sophomore)

To say that Asstyn Martyn is quickly finding her stride in XXX biz would surely be an understatement. In her latest scene, where she is paired up with John Strange, the two deliver an all-around grand performance that is packed with a good plot, backed by great acting from Asstyn, and just an over-the-top fucking of Asstyn that makes this scene wonderful!!!

Asstyn Martyn is distraught and in disbelief about her boyfriend leaving her for “that flat-chested bitch“. Her ex-boyrfriend’s friend (Johnny Strange) comes along to return a borrowed jacket, and notices her in a state of anger.  Staying to console her by giving her a nice massage, some how invokes some serious horniness deep within Asstyn. And invokes her to ask, if Johnny could spend the night, only Johnny has no clothes – which Asstyn assures that isn’t a problem, because she has some of her exes clothes…and when Johnny asks to change….Asstyn “persuades” him to change their in the same room with her…and once the dick of Johnny is released….Asstyn’s lust for dick is as well…and what happens after that is a lust-filled escapade of greatness.

As soon as the dick is release, Asstyn Martyn says the words that male fans of hers worldwide wish she’d say to us – “I think I might have to put that in my mouth.“, and damnit she does and she does it well. Licking and sucking it with the skills and hunger for it, as if its a snow cone in a Los Angeles summer. Asstyn brings a combination of good acting and merges it with her dicksucking of Johnny Strange to bring double whammy of hotness to this blowjob. Just hearing her sexy voice adlib how much she enjoys sucking Johnny’s dick, all while letting her mouth and lips stretch over its length and girth is enough to make any dick bust, or pussy erupt in its own juices.

And the action only grows from there, as we are treated to some nice titty fucking action. And if we may…we do not know what in the fuck is in the Fiji water that Asstyn Martyn is drinking. But, it is doing great things, because it damn sure looks like her breasts are growing. Everytime we see them now, they look even bigger and more suckable than the week before. And Johnny Strange fucks the huge red nipple tipped tits, while Asstyn steals suck on the head of his dick. With such good head and titty fucking how can any man resist, but to fuck the hell out of the pussy of Asstyn Martyn. Johnny Strange fucks with the force of a million men worldwide behind him as he slams his dick in and out of Asstyn Martyn greedy pussy. And all through out we are serenaded by Asstyn’s sweet moans and screams of pleasure. It all combines to just be the perfect symphony of lust, which continues as Asstyn goes through an incredible reverse cowgirl bout…which may be the highlight of the entire scene. Watching Asstyn get aggressive and just throw all of that ass on the dick of Johnny Strange with evil intent for happy cause was enough to send cumshots through the screen. Seeing those ripe big titties sway, and bounce…and with such great doggystyle action….this scene shows Asstyn Martyn going all out in a way not quite seen before as she continues her evolution to becoming one of Voluptuous XXX’s top starlets.

Asstyn Martyn is fucking unbelievable with talent and acting chops. Which makes for a killer combination as an all-around dynamic XXX actress. And the action in “Cheat & Skeet“, does a great job in bringing all those attributes of Asstyn Martyn into the viewing pleasure for the masses. Never disappointing this scene is a must-watch for Asstyn Martyn fans, ass fans, and lovers of good voluptuous XXX action. Join, and watch this great work from Voluptuous XXX’s new great superstar!

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